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The Portal is a joint project of MATTO and the MTTC. The development and implementation of the portal has been paid for by the MTTC, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Biomedical Research Institute, Boston University, Brandeis University, Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University, Joslin Diabetes Center, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean Hospital, Northeastern University, The Schepens Eye Research Institute, and Tufts University.

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"MoleProbe": A real-time molecular diagnostic device








(Ribosomal RNA-Operon Deletion Strains) A Novel rrn Operon Altered Bacterium and Uses Thereof

In vivo selection systems for evolving the specificity of endonucleases and inteins

Patchy Surfaces for Selective Adhesion, Sensing and Separations

Snapping Surfaces for Sensors and Adhesion Control

A Simple, Robust Route for Generating Unidirectionally Aligned, Nanoscopic Line Patterns of Block Copolymers over Arbitrarily Large Areas

A New Vaccine for Protection of Children and Adults Against Schistosomiasis

[UMA 02-12] A Rapid Interfacial Route to Produce Water Dispersible Nanoparticles

[UMA 05-01] Amphiphilic Monomers and Polymers Derived Therefrom

2 Cyclo Alkyl Resorcinol Cannabinergic Analogs

2, 4-Diamino-6-(bridged diaryl) Aminomethylpteridines and Related Drugs Against Toxoplasmosis and Other Opportunistic Infections

2-Aminoadipic acid biomarker and Therapy for Diabetes and glucose-related metabolic disorder risk

2-Aza-2-Desamino Analogues of 5,8 Dideazafolic Acid - PT594 Folic Acid Analogue

2-D processing of speech

3D cell culture substrate that enables live-cell imaging

5' Phosphorylated, Single-Stranded siRNAs That Trigger RNA Interference

A Biomarker for Pluripotent Stem Cells

A bulk nanomachining method for suspended nanobeam and other free-standing structures

A cell-free, silk-based scaffold for regenerating bladder tissue

A Chemical Method for Growing Single Chirality, Uniform Diameter Carbon Nanotubes

A chimeric IL-10 Immunoglubulin fusion protein to treat Adenocarcinomas

A Closed System Gas Exchange Device to Minimize Waste

A Device for Direct Microwave Measurement of Permeability as a Function of High DC Voltage

A diagnostic test to differentiate the types of multiple sclerosis and a target for drug discovery

A DNA vector-based RNAi technology to suppress gene expression in mammalian cells

A drug cocktail that prevents neuronal degeneration in Alzheimer's disease

A drug discovery platform using novel labeled uridine analogs contribute to molecular biology research

A fragment based drug discovery platform ; For high throughput synthesis and screening of protein-protein inhibitors

A Functional Uterine Manipulator

A fusion intermediate state of HIV-1 gp41, targeted by broadly neutralizing antibodies, for purposes of vaccination

A General Method for the Formation of Aryl-Sulfur Bonds

A genetically modified herpes simplex virus that has utility as a drug screening tool

A Gripper Probe Device for Ablation of Tissue

A Highly Porous Hydrogel that improves tissue growth

A human-specific activity-regulated gene, promotes human neuronal connectivity

A long-Lasting Local Drug Delivery Gel that Delivers Drug to Match Disease Activity

A low-threshold, high-efficiency microfluidic waveguide laser

A Melt Control System for Injection Molding Using a Spool Valve

A Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Spatial and Temporal Processes of Interaction

A method for determining if two series of events are related, or are merely similar by coincidence

A method for producing partially deglycosylated HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins through site-directed mutagenesis

A method for reconstruction of software defined radio (SDR) waveform from its ontology-based description

A method for the accurate measure of thin layered structures in X-ray computer tomography.

A Method of the Synthesis of a Novel Layered Silicate with Three-Dimensionally Microporous Layers

A method of using eye drops containing nucleic acids to deliver agents to target complimentary nucleic acid in the brain

A Method to Limit Pathogenesis of Gram-Positive Bacteria

A Microfluidic Device to Control Flow of Fluids

A milk-derived oligosaccharide to prevent infection of gastrointestinal pathogens

A mouse model for CNS disorders.

A new approach to NMR: High resolution spatial holographic encoding using traveling wave MR

A New Cancer Associated Gene and Proteins

A New Class of Bioactive Compounds with Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Organ Protective Properties

A New Class of HIV Chain Terminators

A New Class of Inhibitors of Fructose 1, 6-biphosphatase Based Upon the Natural Product Achyrofuran

A New Class of Potent Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

A new class of small molecules that detect apoptosis

A New Generation of Potent Adjuvants

A New Strategy and Technique for Tissue Autografting

A novel and cost-effective method to produce efficient, bright, and wideband white light

A novel assay for identifying biological targets of DNA binding agents

A novel biofilm-Plus whole cell quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) biosensor developed for use in cancer diagnosis, pathogen detection, drug discovery, cancer prognosis and clinical treatment management

A Novel Cell Cycle Checkpoint Under the Control of the Centrosome

A novel color filter array design scheme significantly reduces hardware complexity

A Novel Enzymatic Route for the Synthesis of Polymeric Antioxidants with Enhanced Activity by having Active Antioxidant Moiety in Every Polymer Repeating Unit

A Novel Form of Dipeptidylpeptidase IV (CD26) Found in Human Serum

A Novel Method of Synthesis of 2,4-Diamino-6-Arylmethylquinazolines Using Palladium (0)-Catalyzed Organozinc Chemistry

A novel microRNA-based therapeutic method to up-regulate the cellular expression of specific tumour suppressor genes (BIDMC 1480)

A Novel Nanosensor with Nanoporous Material

A novel protein, WIP, that plays a role in cellular actin cytoskeleton

A novel source of neural stem cells

A novel strategy for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted viruses

A Novel Targeted Pesticide (MG21030)

A Novel Tumor Marker

A Novel Ultrasensitive Sensor Combining Nanotechnology & Molecular Imprinting

A Performance Space Presentation for Decision Making (pSpace)

A platform technology to prevent contact dermatitis due to metal exposure

A Proprietary Process to Induce Pluripotent Stem Cells by a Small Molecule

A Protease that Prevents Apoptosis in Resting T Lymphocytes (Cytoplasmic Serine Protease)

A Random linear coding approach to distributed data storage

A rapid and inducible method for repressing gene function

A Scaffold to Improve the Efficiency to Deliver siRNA Therapeutics for Cancer Treatment

A self-sustained soliton oscillator utilizing nonlinear transmission lines and spectrum-preservice nonlinear amplification

A simple device for density-based separation of particles using diamagnetic levitation

A Simple Route to Highly Oriented and Ordered Nanoporous Block Copolymer Templates

A Single Dual hCMV Promoter System for Regulatable Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells

A small molecule drug as a topical treatment for small fiber peripheral neuropathy

A Small Portable Tracking Device for Vascular Interventional Radiology Simulation

A system for the continuous directed evolution of biomolecules

A Technique for Determining Li Concentration Using Compton Scattering

A Thermal-electrically Cooled Longwave (8-12 um) Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetector with High Quantum Efficiency

A to D converter data calibration in real-time delivers faster conversion rates

A tool for the linkage and presentation of multiple protein functional domains

A transgenic reporter system can be used for recombination-mediated modulation of gene activity in the developing mouse embryo

A Transgenic Zebrafish model for Melanoma using BRAF and other cell cycle mutan

A Unique Natural 4-herb Combination for the Treatment of Pain - drug candidate for pain and epilepsy

A versatile method for accelerated chromosome walking and DNA fingerprinting

A Vitrification System for Improved Post-Thaw Viability of Cells and Tissues

A Water-Soluble prodrug for the Heat Shock-inducing compound Withaferin A

A Wireless Intermediate-range Scheme for Energy and Signal Transmission by Magnetic Coupling for Implantable Devices

Absolute quantification of Proteins (AQUA)

Absorbing film

Acceleration of charged particles using spatially and temporally shaped electromagnetic radiation

Accessible Stress-Based Electrostatic Monitoring of Chemical Reactions and Binding

Achromatic Fiber-Optic Power Splitter and Related

Acoustic detection of hidden objects and material discontinuities

Acoustic pulse actuator

Acoustic suppression arrangement for a component undergoing induced vibration

Acoustic tree and wooden member imaging apparatus

Activation-State-Specific Phosphoprotein Immunodetection

Active controlled energy absorber using responsive fluids

Active thermal control of surfaces by steering heating beam in response to sensed thermal radiation

Actuation system with fluid transmission for interaction control and high force haptics

Adamantane-based compounds to overcome S31N resistance of the M2 channel of influenza -A virus

Adapter Sleeve for Scalpels

Adaptive cache coherence protocols

Adaptive cache coherence protocols

Adaptive knowledge base

Adaptive lithography membrane masks

Adaptive modulation/demodulation signal processing

Adaptive Optics for Optical Coherence Tomography

Adaptive power supply and substrate control for ultra low power digital processors using triple well control

Addition of Fluorescent Indicators to Water and Non-Aqueous Systems to Accurately Determine the Concentration of Other Solutes

Adenovrius Vectors with Exchanged Hexon Hypervariable Regions and Fibers (BIDMC 1529)

Adjustable focusing composite for use in an optical profilometer system and method

Adjustable holder for contactless fingerprint and/or palm registration

Adjustable Sieved Microfluidic Device for Cell Separation

Administration of inosine to stimulate innervation and recovery of motor function

Adult Retinal Stem Cells

Advanced ring-network circulator

Advanced television system

Advanced television system

Advanced television system using a different encoding technique for non-image areas

Aeordynamic Vocal Fold Driver

Agents for Treatment of Cognitive Disorders

Agents Which Bind G Proteins for Treating Septic Shock

Air gaps for optical applications

Airport surface safety logic

Airport surface surveillance system

Akt-Transgenic Mice (MPAKT Mice)

Algorithm for Multi-Stage Spatial Sampling Design with Multiple Criteria

Algorithm for the Quantification of Mass Discharge and Associated Uncertainty

Algorithm to Calculate Particle Size Distributions of Different Particle Shapes from Chord Length Distributions

AlignAce motif searching software

Alkyl piperidine/piperazine compounds for diagnosis and treatment of CNS disorders

All optical switch for optical integrated circuits

All-dielectric coaxial waveguide with annular sections

All-frequency PMD compensator and emulator

All-optical bit phase sensing

All-optical bit phase sensing and clock recovery apparatus and methods

All-optical network architecture

All-optical switching devices for the next generation information technology

Alloy Substantially Free of Dendrites and Method of Forming the Same

Alpha-1-Antitrypsin as a Treatment for Diabetes (BIDMC 1063)

Alpha4/180: A Novel Form of the Integrin Alpha4 Subunit

Altered antibodies having improved antigen-binding affinity

Alternative approach to the synthesis of nanoscale structures

Alternator control circuit and related techniques

Aluminium Nitride Piezoelectric NEMS Devices Using 2-Dimensional Electrode Material

Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticle conjugates as components of systemic and mucosal vaccines

Amphiphilic polymers and methods of use thereof

Amplification of cell populations from embryonic stem cells

Amplification of DNA in a Hairpin Structure and Applications

An Approach to Preparing an Echo Train for Fast Spin Echo Acquisition. (BIDMC 1030)

An Automated, Easy to Use Method for Closed-Loop Anesthesia

An Electromagnetic Composite Metamaterial

An Immunological Method for the Detection of the Tumor-Secreted Protein TC2

An Optimization-Based Method for Automated Market Making

Analog continuous time statistical processing

Analog storage cell with low leakage

Analog-to-digital converter having parametric configurablity

Analyzing the Prosody of Speech

Analyzing trace gases at part per billion levels by rapid gas phase cooling

Androgen Receptor Antagonists for Prostate Cancer Therapy (BIDMC 1258)

Aneuric Expansion System for Balloon Altitude Control

Angiogenesis and cardiac tissue engineering with peptide hydrogels and related compositions and methods of use thereof

Angiographic Method Using Green Porphyrins in Primate Eyes

Angle-tunable transmissive grating

Animal Model of Autism (BIDMC 1441)

Animal model of diabetes and obesity

Anisotropic Metal-Dielectric Metamaterials for Broadband All-Angle Negative Refraction and SuperLens Imaging

Anitsense Inhibitor for Regulating Cholesterol

Annular magnet system for magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Anodic Bonding of Silicon Carbide To Glass

Antemortem diagnostic test for alzheimer's disease

Antenna selection method for a wireless location system

Antenna selection method for a wireless location system

Antenna with Integrated Tuning Detection Elements

Anthrapyrazolone Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer

Anti-ABL-Antibody (IgG, k)

Anti-CD10 MAB (Clone R103)

Anti-Dscam monoclonal antibodies for studying the establishment of neural circuits

Anti-fouling Graft Copolymer Coatings on Commercial Membranes

Anti-Fugetaxins in Tumor Therapy

anti-LMP-1 mAB S12

Anti-miRNA 425 for the Treatment of Hypertension & Heart Failure

Anti-NCK-Antibody (IgG, k)

Anti-pathogen treatments

Anti-pathogen treatments

Anti-PLK-1 monoclonal antibody

Anti-pTEN Polyclonal Antibody

Anti-reflection coating for the pass-band of photonic bandgap crystal

Anti-SAD-A monoclonal antibody for studying pre-synaptic differentiation and neuronal polarization

Anti-SRC1 Monoclonal Antibody

Antialiasing apparatus and method for computer printers

Antiangiogenic Agents for Treatment of Endometriosis

Antibacterial Compositions

Antibacterials Targeting Yersinia Pestis Type III Secretion System

Antibodies Against Glutathione-s-transferase-mGRIP-1

Antibodies against tumor surface antigens

Antibodies Directed Against a Candidate Neuroblastoma Suppressor Protein

Antibodies to Recombinant Estrogen Receptor

Antibodies to Ubiquitin Activating Enzyme (Biomaterials)

Antibodies: BrdU, Histone 1, 3, Histone core, 5-Methyl Cytosine, and Z-DNA.

Antibody Against Human Epididymis Specific Protein, HE4, for the Detection, Diagnosis, and Clinical Imaging of Ovarian Cancer

Antibody against the N-terminus of GLT-1/EAAT2

Antibody Drug Conjugate

Antibody purification

Antibody to detect 2ME2 in bodily fluids

Antifungal Hydrogels

Antigen Associated With Type I Diabetes Mellitus

Antimicrobial combination therapy

Antimicrobial polymeric surfaces

Antimicrobial polymeric surfaces

Antiporimin Monoclonal Antibody

aP2 Knock-Out Mice

aP2 Promoter and Adipocyte-Specific DNA Sequences and the Production of Transgenic Animals Exhibiting Altered Fat Tissue Metabolism

Apparatus and Materials for Three-Dimensional Optical Data Storage and Retrieval

Apparatus and method for a highly parallel pipetter

Apparatus and method for a slim format spectrometer

Apparatus and method for accessing data on multilayered optical media

Apparatus and method for accurate, precise, and adjustable kinematic coupling

Apparatus and method for blood pressure measurement by touch

Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical polishing of substrates

Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical polishing of substrates

Apparatus and Method for Determining the Position of an Object in a 3-dimensional space

Apparatus and method for isolating a nucleic acid from a sample

Apparatus and method for isolating a nucleic acid from a sample

Apparatus and method for laser treatment with spectroscopic feedback

Apparatus and method for non-invasive diagnosis and control of motor operated valve condition

Apparatus and method for operating a fuel reformer so as to purge soot therefrom

Apparatus and Method for Optical Oximetry of Tumors

Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of thin film layer thickness and changes thereof

Apparatus and method for reducing modulator nonlinearities

Apparatus and methods for reading multilayer storage media using short coherence length sources

Apparatus and methods for reversible imaging of nonemissive display systems

Apparatus and methods for simultaneous operation of miniaturized reactors

Apparatus and methods of raman spectroscopy for analysis of blood gases and analytes

Apparatus and Systems for Processing Samples for Analysis via Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Apparatus for and Method of Sensing a Measure Input

Apparatus for controlling continuous behavior through hand and arm gestures

Apparatus for encapsulating a workpiece which is to be machined

Apparatus for flow rate control

Apparatus for flow rate control

Apparatus for Growth of Single Crystals of Uniaxial Materials

Apparatus for Pressure Regulation of Polymer Melts

Apparatus for treating whole blood comprising concentric cylinders defining an annulus therebetween

Apparatus having motion with pre-determined degrees of freedom

Apparatus, process and system for tube and whip rod heat exchanger

Apparatus, process and system for tube and whip rod heat exchanger

Application and modification of histological stains as magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents

Application of Domain 4 of ILY for treatment and prevention of foreign ; pathogen infection

Application of electrical stimulation for functional tissue engineering in vitro and in vivo

Application of Ndy-1, a novel nuclear oncoprotein, for the immortalization of hematopoietic stem cells

Approaches for Inexpensive, Sheet-to-Sheet Manufacturing of Dye Sensitized Nanoparticle Based Solar Modules

Arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences

Architecture for distributed control of actuator and sensor arrays

ARNT2: A Novel Target for Diabetes

Array waveguide grating

Arterial Spin Labeling Using Time Varying Gradients for Enhanced Fluid-Flow Imaging (BIDMC 634)

Arthroscopic cannula

Arthroscopic impedance probe to detect cartilage degeneration

Arthroscopic impedance probe to detect cartilage degeneration

Arthroscopic impedance probe to detect cartilage degeneration

Article comprising a superconducting RF filter

Artifact Detection in Whole Slide Imaging

Artifact Rejection

Artificial immune system: methods for making and use

Artificial Microvascular Device and Methods for Manufacturing and Using the Same

Artificial muscle for robotic and industrial applications

Arylation and vinylation of activated carbons

Ascorbate-Linked Nanosystems for Brain Delivery

Assay for Prediction of Analgesic Efficacy

Assay for single molecule measurements of reversible receptor-ligand bond interactions

Assays for compounds which extend life span

Assembly of Polymers Using Electrostatically Addressable Templates

Asymmetric 1,4-reductions of and 1,4-additions to enoates and related systems

Asymmetric 1,4-reductions of and 1,4-additions to enoates and related systems

Asymmetric ring-closing metathesis reactions

Asymmetric ring-closing metathesis reactions involving achiral and meso substrates

Asynchronous circuit techniques for memory error correction

Atmospheric feature detection using Lagrangian scalar integration

Atomic layer deposition process for novel quantum dot light emitting diodes

Atopy-associated sequence variants on chromosome 12

Atoxic recombinant holotoxins of Clostridium difficile as immunogens

Attenuated RNA viruses for vaccine and drug delivery

Attitude Estimation with Compressive Sampling of Starfield Data

Attractin DPPT-L, a Member of the CUB Family of Cell Adhesion and Guidance Proteins Secreted by Activated T Lymphocytes Modulates Immune Cell Interactions

Augmentation of regeneration by control of sodium flux in the woulnd

Automated Column-Switching HPLC for Plasma Analysis

Automated Laparoscopic Mesh Fastening Device

Automatic cueing of speech

Automatic Vascular Model Generation Based on Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI)

Automobile navigation system using real time spoken driving instructions

Autostereoscopic display system

B1, 129S6 Crebb(tm1Dli) Transgenic Mouse

B6, 129s4 Ep300 (tm1Dli) Transgenic Mouse

BACH1 Monoclonal Antibodies

Back reflector of solar cells

Backside contact of sensor microstructures

Bacteria based PrP and Amyloid technology generates novel aggregation assays

Bacterial Ion Channel, a Platform for Screening Ion Channel Agonists and Antagonists

Bacterial Spores as a Heat Stable Vaccine Delivery Systems

BAL, a Novel Risk-Related Gene

Balance Prosthesis

Balloon Endoscope Device

Bandpass sigma-delta modulator employing high-Q resonator for narrowband noise suppression

Baroplastic materials

Barrier layer device processing

Bazaar: securing user reputations in online marketplaces

BBAP, a Novel Ubiquitin Ligase

BCL-X Gamma: A Novel bcl-x Isoform

BCL-X Gamma: A Novel bcl-x Isoform

BCL2-L12 Oncogene: Identification of a Key Target for the Development of Therapeutics to Treat Malignant Glioma

BCRM-1as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Refractory Cancers

Bead-based polymerase colony microarrays and nucleic acid sequencing ("Polony-FISSEQ Beads")

Beam combining of diode laser array elements for high brightness and power

Bearing for use in high resolution precision control device

Bearing for use in high resolution precision control device

Beta 5 Protein and DNA

Beta Cell Growth and Differentiation

beta-1,2,3 adrenergic receptor triple knockout mouse (BIDMC 1311)

Beyond Moore's Law in opto-electronics: New material enables ultra-fast switching

BH3 Peptides and Methods of Use

Bias weaving machine

BID-Binding Inducer of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Bidirectional transceiver assembly for POF application

Binder composition for use in three dimensional printing

Bio-sensitized solar cells (BSSC)

Bioactive fraction of Eurycoma longifolia

Biocompatible photonic crystals

Bioconjugation Platform for Detection of Biological Targets

Biodegradable mesostructured polymer membranes for tissue engineering

Biodegradable poly(.beta.-amino esters) and uses thereof

Biodegradable poly(beta-amino esters) and uses thereof

Biodegradable poly(beta-amino esters) and uses thereof

Biodegradable Polymer Blends of Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Polybutylene Succinate

Biodegradable Polymeric Buffers

Bioengineered anterior cruciate ligament

Bioengineered anterior cruciate ligament

Bioengineered Skin Substitutes

Bioenhanced Repair of ACL Injuries

Bioerodible conducting materials

Bioinspired soft-actuated materials, cardiac simulator, and direct cardiac compression device

Biological Artificial Liver Loop and Dialysis (BALLAD) Recirculation System

Biological Material (bacterial strain): Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf0-1

Biological Material: 300-19 Murine Cell Line, L1.2 Murine Pre-B Cell Line

Biological Material: MCF-7 - BOS Cell Line (Highly Estrogen Responsive)

Biological Material: Moesin GST Antibodies (2.5 1B9-2E12, 2.5 2D2-1B1, 2.5 1B9-1C10 and 2.5 3C8-2E12)

Biological Material: Antibody to Zonab

Biological Materials: 4T1-Luc and 66c14-Luc Cell Lines

Biological method to remove hydrogen sulfide from gas streams.

Biologically active surfaces and methods of their use

Biomarker for Sjögren's Disease

Biomarker panel for the diagnosis of cardiac allograft vasculopathy

Biomarker to Screen Compounds to Treat ALS, Stroke and Glaucoma

Biomarker-responsive Drug Delivery Systems for Controlled Release of Opioids and Opioid Antagonists

Biomarkers for Diabetes, Obesity and/or Hypertension

Biomolecular Synthesis of Quantum Dot Composites

Biopolymer Biophotonic Crystal and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Biopolymer Optical Waveguide and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Biopolymer Optofluidic Device and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Biopolymer Sensor and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Biopotential measurement including electroporation of tissue surface

Bioprocesses enhanced by magnetic nanoparticles

Bipolar cascade arrow laser

Bisphosphonates as novel adjuvants to enhance the adaptive immune response, validated with common types of vaccine antigens and commercial vaccines

Bistable actuation techniques, mechanisms, and applications

Bistable all optical devices in non-linear photonic crystals

Bistable, thermochromic recording method for rendering color and gray scale

Block Copolymers Comprising Isoolefin and Hydroxystyrene or Protected Hydroxystyrene Units

Blood Test for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Bipolar Disorder

Blood-Brain Barrier and Neuronal Cell Drug Delivery Method and Reagents

BMP Inhibitors in Ossification, Anemia and Inflammation

BODIPY Dyes for Biological Imaging

Bone Marrow Stem Cells as the Origin for Epithelial Cancers

Borehole Navigation System

Brainbow mice: A technicolor approach to map the neuronal circuits

Breast Cancer Susceptibility Test

Breast tissue engineering

Broadband Faraday isolator

Bronchioalveolar stem cells and uses thereof

BST integration using thin buffer layer grown directly onto SiO2/Si substrate

Bubble expansion of homogeneous epoxy suspensions of nanowires and carbon nanotubes to produce large area films

Buoyant device that resists entanglement by whales and boats

Button Batteries Safe to Swallow

Byzantine fault tolerance

C3aR Knock-Out Mice

Calcium-Independent Negative Regulation of CD81 Receptor Signaling (BIDMC 324)

Californium 252 as Nw Brachytherapy Source

Cancer Metabolism: SIRT4 as a Key Regulator of Glutamine Metabolism

Cancer treatment by targeted depletion of vitamin B1

Capability addressing with tight object bounds

Caplostatin, a novel anti-angiogenic polymeric drug

CAR, a Novel Coxsackie Virus and Adenovirus Receptor

Carbon nanoparticles and composite particles and process of manufacture

Carbon-polymer electrochemical systems and methods of fabricating them using layer-by-layer technology

Cardioprotective Compounds prevent Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity

Casting of Aluminum Based Wrought Alloys and Aluminum Based Casting Alloys

Catalysts for Efficient Z-Selective Metathesis

Catheter-guided Endotrachael Intubation Using a Flexible Videoendoscope (BIDMC 1098)

Cationic Fullerenes as Antimicrobial Sensitizers


CD1-deficient mouse

Cell delivery compositions

Cell growth substrates with tethered cell growth effector molecules

Cell growth substrates with tethered cell growth effector molecules

Cell Motility Assay with Spatial and Temporal Control

Cell NANI (Novel Automated Nutrient Incorporation)

Cell Sorting Codes for Purification of Neural Stem Cells and Stem Cell-Derived Neurons

Cell-based assay for the discovery of glycogen synthase kinase inhibitors

Cell-based Therapy for Auto- and Alloimmune Responses (BIDMC 1045)

Cell-Specific Enhancer Domains for Neuronal Gene Expression

Cell-Specific Enhancer Domains for Neuronal Gene Expression


Cell-Type Specific Systemic Delivery of siRNA

Cellular and Animal Model for Infantile Hemangioma

Cellular microarrays for screening differentiation factors

Centriolin Antibody

Centrosome Abnormalities: A Tool for Cancer Detection, Prognosis and Treatment

Centrosome Defects in Precancerous Lesions as Tools for Tumor Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Treatment

Ceramic Combustor Fabrication

CeSERT genes, proteins, and modulatory compounds

CeSERT genes, proteins, and modulatory compounds

Characterization of an Antibiotic Impregnated Delivery System as an Intracanal Medicament in Endodontic Therapy

Characterization of materials with optically shaped acoustic waveforms

Charge domain bit-serial multiplying digital-analog converter

Charge domain vector-matrix product processing system

Charge domain vector-matrix product processing system

Charge modulation device

Chemical Genetic Screen for Inhibitors of Rev-GFP Export

Chemical inducer of dimerization cleavable by light

Chemical mechanical polishing of copper-oxide damascene structures

Chemical sampler and method

Chemical Switches for Reactive Warfare Agents

Chemical synthesis analysis program

Chemical vapor deposition of antimicrobial polymer coatings

Chemical vapor deposition of fluorine-doped zinc oxide

Chemical vapor deposition of hydrogel films

Chemically induced plastic deformation

Chemically induced plastic deformation

CHG ring resonators

Chimeric Fusion Protein to Treat Autoimmune/Inflammatory Diseases

Chimeric IL-10 Proteins to Treat Diabetes or Prevent Septic Shock (BIDMC 239)

Chimeric peptides for the treatment of cancer

Chlaymydia Pneumoniae associated chronic intraocular disorders

Cholesterol Metabolism-Related Molecular Diagnostic for Myocardial Infarction Risk

Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia-Like Proteins (CML protein) as Immunogenic Tumor Antigens

Chronically implantable retinal prosthesis

Circuit technique for logic integrated DRAM with SIMD architecture and a method for controlling low-power, high-speed and highly reliable operation

Circularly Symmetric Light Scattering in Engineered Aperiodic Structures for Plasmonics and Photonics Applications

Circumferential Contactless Line Scanning of a Fingerprint

CITED2 Monoclonal Antibodies

Class BI and CI scavenger receptors

Class BI and CI scavenger receptors

Class BI and CI scavenger receptors

Classification of lung carcinomas using gene expression analysis

Classification, Separation, and Capture of Ultra- Fine Particles by Impact Separation

CLIP-Based Peptide Exchange for the Generation of Multivalent MHC Class II/Peptide Complexes

Clog-resistant Nasogastric Tube and Modular In-line Flusher

Clonable gold label for electron microscopy

Cloning and Characterization of a CD2 Binding Protein (CD2BP2)

Cloning and Characterization of a cdc15-Like Adaptor Protein

Cloning LFA-1

Cloning sequencing and characterization of two cell death genes and uses therefor

Cloning sequencing and characterization of two cell death genes and uses therefor

Clostridium difficile culture and toxin production methods

CMOS-compatible light emitting aperiodic photonic structures

Co-cultivation of cells in a micropatterned configuration

Co-cultivation of cells in a micropatterned configuration

Co-cultivation of cells in a micropatterned configuration

Coated Sensors and Methods Related Thereto

Coating plastics with thin films of glass by a "poor man's" ALD method

Coating suspended nanotubes with silicon nitride

Cobalt Carbide-based Nanoparticle Permanent Magnetic Materials

Coded aperture imaging

Coded aperture imaging

Coded aperture imaging

Coded Filter

Coding of acoustic waveforms

Codon-Optimized HXBc2 HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Gene

Coherent control of optical information with matter wave dynamics

Coherent generation, conversion, and modulation of electromagnetic radiation using shock waves or solitons propagating through polaritonic or excitonic materials

Collaborative agent interaction control and synchronization system

Collagen and Fibrin Microthreads in a Discrete Thread Model of in Vitro ACL Scaffold Regeneration

Collagen XXIII: A novel biomarker for non-small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer

Collision recovery in a wireless location system

Collision recovery in a wireless location system

Color image segmentation in an object recognition system

Color microdisplays and methods of manufacturing same

Color microdisplays and methods of manufacturing same

Colorimetric Analyte Sensor

Combination treatment for melanoma

Combinatorial polarization scramblers for many segment PMD emulator

Combined ion and molecular beam apparatus and method for depositing materials

Combined Mode of Vibration Aluminum Nitride Microelectro-Mechanical Resonator With High Electromechanical Coupling Coefficient

Combined short range radio network and cellular telephone network for interpersonal communications

Combustion system for reduction of nitrogen oxides

Compact micro-optical edge-emitting semiconductor laser assembly

Compact Navigation System and Method

Compact three-dimensional mode size converters for fiber-waveguide coupling

Compact, high-flux, short-pulse x-ray source

Companion Diagnostic to Guide Cancer Therapy with Either MCL1 or Bcl2 Inhibit (BIDMC 1267)

Compensating polarization mode dispersion in fiber optic transmission system

Compensating polarization mode dispersion in fiber optic transmission systems

Complex of Dideoxynucleoside and Phosphonoformic Acid

Composite Biopolymer Microtubes - Manufacture and Application via Novel Gel Spinning Technique

Composite Coatings by Welding of Layered Precursors

Composite materials for controlled release of water soluble products

Composite Mixed Oxygen Ionic and Electronic Conductors for Hydrogen Separation

Composite photonic crystals

Composites for structural control

Composites for structural control

Composition and Method for Achieving Immune Suppression (BIDMC 385)

Composition and Method for Treating Cancer

Composition and methods for losing weight

Composition and Methods for Plague Treatment

Composition and Methods for Small Pox Treatment

Composition for treatment of stress

Compositions and methods comprising complex carbohydrate and alpha-lactalbumin

Compositions and methods comprising helicobacter antigens for treatment and prevention of inflammatory bowel disease

Compositions and methods for enhancing cognitive function and synaptic plasticity

Compositions and methods for enhancing structural and functional nervous system reorganization and recovery

Compositions and methods for promoting hemostasis and other physiological activities

Compositions and methods for retinal transduction and photoreceptor specific transgene expression with novel adenoviral vector

Compositions and methods for screening agents that inhibit MAPK mediated anti-apoptotic signals

Compositions and methods for the screening of compounds to enhance or reduce apoptosis

Compositions and methods for treating and preventing memory impairment using citicoline

Compositions and Methods for Treating Diabetic Eye Disease

Compositions and methods for treating papillomavirus-infected cells

Compositions and Methods for Treating Vascular Diseases

Compositions and methods for treatment of hypertrophic tissues

Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Compositions and Use of Galectins to treat dry eye symptoms

Compositions for three-dimensional printing of solid objects

Compound semiconductor structure with lattice and polarity matched heteroepitaxial layers

Compounds and methods for treating mammalian gastrointestinal parasitic infections

Compounds as Treatment for Depression or Dysthymia

Compounds for Alcohol and Opiate Abuse

Compounds for reducing Intra-cellular Lipid Storage in Rare Disease and iPS Cell Model

Compounds for Reducing Multi-Drug Resistance during Chemotherapy

Compounds for the Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Compounds for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Compounds that Increase Insulin Secretion (BIDMC 745)

Compounds to Treat Long QT Syndrome

Computational Method to Identify Human Infectious Disease Agents

Computational Modeling based on Biologically Realistic Neurons

Computationally efficient sine wave synthesis for acoustic waveform processing

Computer architecture for shared memory access

Computer architecture for shared memory access

Computer Input Device with Inertial Instruments

Computer method and apparatus for matching between line drawings

Computer method and System for Increasing the Quality of Student Learning

Computer system and process for identifying a charge distribution which minimizes electrostatic contribution to binding at binding between a ligand and a molecule in a solvent and uses thereof

Computer system capable of operating at speeds and efficiency levels generally associated with reduced instruction set computers

Computer-implemented process and computer system for estimating the three-dimensional shape of a ring-shaped molecule and of a portion of a molecule containing a ring-shaped structure

Concatenative speech synthesis using a finite-state transducer

Conducting polymer actuator

Conducting polymer driven rotary motor

Conducting polymer generator-actuator with energy storage/recovery

Conducting supports for micro-solid oxide fuel cells

Conductive polymer contrast agent compositions and uses therefor

Conformation-Specific Antibodies (BIDMC 1061)

Conformation-stabilized TRAP antigens for malaria vaccines

Conjugate Vaccines for the Prevention of Dental Caries

Contact Lens Drug Delivery Device

Context sensitive paralell optimization of zinc finger dna binding domains

Continous Flow Magnetophoretic Concentration

Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling with Pulsed Radiofrequency Sequences for Enhanced Fluid-Flow Imaging (BIDMC 958)

Continuous biomolecule separation in a nanofilter

Continuous capacitive slider controller for a smooth surfaced cooktop

Continuous Predictive Instrument Electrocardiograph monitoring System

Continuous, continental-shelf-scale monitoring of fish populations and behavior

Continuous, real time microwave plasma element sensor

Contractile actuated bellows pump

Contrast Agents for Screening for Parkinsons Disease

Control of cell behavior via transmembran voltage modulation by ion channel openers

Control of threshold voltage in organic field effect transistors

Control over deposition of nanoscale materials using structured surfaces

Controllable motion damping for prosthetic limbs and robotics

Controlled delivery of TLR agonists in structural polymeric devices

Controlled Reaction Photodynamic Therapy

Controlled reversible poration for preservation of biological materials

Controlled reversible poration for preservation of biological materials

Controlled source for material processing

Conversion of somatic cells into nociceptors

Converting Rotational Motion into Radial Motion

Coordination complexes having tethered therapeutic agents and/or targeting moieties, and methods of making and using the same

Coordination complexes, and methods for preparing by combinatorial methods, assaying and using the same

Coplanar integration of lattice-mismatched semiconductor with silicon via wafer bonding virtual substrates

Coplanar Mounting Member for a MEM Sensor

Coplanar packaging techniques for multichip circuits

Corn Fiber Oil Antioxidant

Corn Fiber Oil: Its Preparation and Use

Corneal Endothelial Cell Culture

Corneal Flap Slicer

Correlation shaping matched filter receiver

Correlation shaping multi-signature receiver

Correspondence between n-dimensional surface: vector fields that are defined by surfaces and that generate surfaces which preserve characteristics of the defining surfaces

Corticospinal tract (CST)-YFP transgenic mice for monitoring axonal responses to spinal cord injury

Corticosteroid Conjugates and Uses Thereof

Cosmetic Material to Reduce the Visibility of Wrinkles

COSMOS workflow management version 0.4.3

Cost-effective electrocatalysts for the production of chlorine

Counter-rotating compressors with control of boundary layers by fluid removal

Coupled mode arrayed waveguide grating

Coupled-cavity Q-switched laser

Coupled-cavity Q-switched laser

Coupling of Polymers Made by Cationic Polymerization

CP140 Antibody

Crawler Device

Cre-lox based method for conditional RNA interference

Cromolyn derivatives improve PET/MRI imaging for Plaque

Crosslinking of Polyethylene for Use in Medical Devices

Cryosurgical instrument and related techniques

Cryptographic system and methods using a one way multidimensional function

Cuffless continuous blood pressure monitor

Cul7 Monoclonal Antibody

Culturing B-Cells for use as Antigen Presenting Cells

Culturing liver cells

Culturing liver cells between two supports

Cure for Female Stress Incontinence

Curved surfaces formed by etching and thermal processing

CyberEd Course Template

Cyborg tissue: Macroporous nanowire nanoelectronic scaffolds for synthetic tissues

Cyclic shrinkage of a templated 3D network material

Cyclic sulfate compounds

Cyclic sulfate compounds

Cyclic thermal anneal for dislocation reduction

CYP2C8: a target for treating and preventing vascular diseases of the retina

Cytochrome P450 1B1 is a Universal Tumor Antigen Eliciting Cytotoxic T Cell Responses

Damping system for vibrating members

Damping system for vibrating members

Damping systems for vibrating members

Data extraction from world wide web pages

Data processor for implementing forecasting algorithms

Database for tracking technology transfer operations

Database of Array-CGH Profiles of Cancers

Daxx, a Fas-binding protein that activates JNK and apoptosis

DAZ: a gene associated with azoospermia

Daz: a gene associated with azoospermia

DAZ: a gene associated with azoospermia

DC-Sign-Based Enrichment of Pure and Functional Dendritic Cells

Deductive Estimation of Risk from Existing Knowledge (DEREK) software

Defining physiological functions of syndecan-1 in health and disease using the syndecan-1 null mice

Delivery Across Blood Brain Barrier

Delivery of bioactive compounds using a transporter domain of engineered bacterial proteins

Dendritic Cell Line D2.4

Density determination of trace evidence via magnetic levitation

Detection of epilepsy with analysis of electromagnetic signals (EEG)

Detection of ion channel or receptor activity

Detection of nuclear weapons and fissile material abroad cargo containerships

Detection, recognition and coding of complex objects using probabilistic eigenspace analysis

Determination of intracellular protein-protein interactions

Determining and Compensating for Modulator Dynamics in Interferometric Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes

Deterministic design of high quality factor photonic cyrstal nanobeam cavity

Deterministic first and second order polarization mode dispersion compensator

Deubiquitinating Enzyme DUB-1

Development of a consumable formulation that diminishes degeneration in Alzheimer's disease


Development of broad spectrum antibiotics for new targets

Development of broad spectrum antibiotics for new targets


Development of Neutralizing Antibodies and Subunit Vaccines Against Smallpox via Viral Genome Informatic Mining

Device and Method for Achieving Enhanced Field Emission Utilizing Nanostructures Grown on a Conductive Substrate

Device and Method for Quantifying Edema

Device and method for tracking eye gaze direction

Device and methods for analyzing rodent behavior using light technology

Device containing cytophilic islands that adhere cells separated by cytophobic regions

Device containing cytophilic islands that adhere cells separated by cytophobic regions

Device for endovascular maintenance and repairing the ascending aortic valve

Device for Real-time Tissue Identification for Needle Guidance

Device for Selective Photocoagulation

Device for Sensing Rare Cells w/Diffuse Light

Device for transcutaneous detection of vagus nerve stimulation

Devices and Methods for Producing a Continuously Flowing Concentration Gradient in Laminar Flow

Devices and methods of papillary muscle approximation for tricuspid valve repair and ventricular remodeling

Devices, Systems, and Methods for Controlling the Temperature of Resonant Elements

Diabetogene RAD

Diagnosing and Treating Diabetic Retinopathy

Diagnosing and Treating Retinal Vascular Permeability

Diagnosis and Treatment of Attentional Disorders

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cell-Cell Junction Related Disorders (BIDMC 1028)

Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders associated with novel gene mutations

Diagnosis of Hereditary Retinal Degenerative Diseases

Diagnosis of Mucosal Tissue Disease Using Raman Spectroscopy

Diagnostic & Therapeutic for Vascular Leak (BIDMC 962)

Diagnostic and therapeutic applications for biomarkers of infection

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Target for Statin-induced Muscle Damage (BIDMC 1270)

Diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease

Diagnostic Test for Developmental Delay or Autism

Diagnostic Test for Inclusion Body Myositis

Dicer Interacting Proteins as Modulators of RNAi and Related Pathways

Die Thinning Proceesses and Structures

Dielectric backfill for optical modulators using ridged substrates

Dielectric elastomer actuated systems and methods

Dielectric waveguide with transverse index variation that support a zero group velocity mode at a non-zero longitudinal wavevector

Differential and single ended elliptical antennas

Differential diagnosis of ADEM from MS and meningoencephalitis using autoantibody profiling of serum

Diffraction-based pulse shaping with a 2D optical modulator

Digital advanced television systems

Digital advanced television systems

Digital array stretch processor employing two delays

Digital communication, programmable functioning and data transfer using modular, hinged processor elements

Digital compensation for wideband modulation of a phase locked loop frequency synthesizer

Digital photon-counting geiger-mode avalanche photodiode solid-state monolithic intensity imaging focal-plane with scalable readout circuitry

Digitally self-calibrating pipeline analog-to-digital converter

Dimeric Peptide Inhibitors of the BbGPI/anti-BbGPI Antibody Complex for treatment of Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) (BIDMC 1455)

Direct detection of expanded nucleotide repeats in the human genome

Direct Surface Attachment Methods for the Preparation of Light Emitting Quantum Dot Nanoparticle Poly(phenylene vinylene) Composite Materials

Direct, externally imposed control of nucleic acids

Direct, externally imposed control of polypeptides

Directed Assembly of a Conducting Polymer

Directed evolution of bond-forming enzymes using yeast display: application to sortase A

Directed evolution of proteins and nucleic acids using nonhomologous random recombination

Directional growth of carbon nanotube growth

Discovery of GSK3ß inhibitors to treat neuromuscular diseases through novel zebrafish screening platform

Discovery of inhibitors of Gwt1 with activity against pathogenic organisms

Discrete cosine transform processing system

Discrimination-Enhanced Fiber-Optic Scintillator Radiation Detector

Disease Diagnosis: Method for Assessing Cortical Response to Blue Light

Disease incidence/prevalence analytical model

Disease Markers for Early Stage Atherosclerosis

Disposable Miniature Endoscope

Distributed haptic interface system and method

DISTROY: Detecting Integrated Circuit Trojans with Compressive Measurements

DNA encoding nestin protein

DNA nanotube liquid crystals for NMR structure determination

DNA structure specific recognition protein complexes

DNA structure specific recognition protein complexes

DNA Vaccines for SARS

Dopamine D4 Receptor-Selective Antagonists as Treatment for Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

Dopamine transporter imaging agent

Dopaminergic Neurons Differentiated from Embryonic Cells for Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders

Double-chirped mirror systems and methods

Drawing tool for capturing and rendering colors, surface images and movement

Drive Feedthrough Nulling System

Drive techniques for loaded-line optical modulators

Drowsiness/alertness monitor

Drug Delivery Apparatus

Drug Delivery Apparatus

Drug delivery composition and device

Drug Delivery Using Microspheres

Drug discovery platform using stabilized low affinity conformation of integrins

Drug Induced Exposure of Fungal Pre-Inflammatory Molecule Beta-Glucan

Drug Screen for Cyclin D1-Specific Compounds

Drug Screen using Microangioectasias

Drug-Eluting Stapes Prosthesis

Drug-Enhanced Neurofeedback Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Drug-inducible RNA aptaswitch for regulating eukaryotic protein expression

Dry Eye Disorder Treatment

Dual Microwave Cavity Accelerometer

DVD: ''Raising your Celiac Child: Guidelines for a Gluten-free Life''

Dynamic holographic video with haptic interaction

Dynamic PET Imaging in the Human Brain

Dynamic wavelength shifting method

Dynamically tunable photonic bandgap microcavity waveguides via mechanical lattice control

Early Autism Diagnosis and Risk Assessment Using Complex Systems Analysis of EEG Signals

Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Echo-oximeter Device

Effect of bone morphogenetic proteins on engineered cartilage

Effects of combined administration of farnesyl transferase inhibitors and signal transduction inhibitors

Effects of combined administration of farnesyl transferase inhibitors and signal transduction inhibitors

Efficient and specific gene knockdown by siRNAs produced in bacteria

Efficient Chemical Attachment of Detectable Linkers in DNA-Glycosylase-Modified DNA Sites

Efficient drive method for capacitive actuators with voltage amplification

Efficient polyphase quadrature digital tuner

Efficient subband channelizer and subband combiner with oversampled subbands

Efficient synthesis of complex, driven systems

EGF receptor epitope peptides and uses thereof

EGF SNP Predicts Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

EGFR Inhibitors for Treating Hepatic Fibrosis/Cirrhosis

EGL-1, a new protein required for programmed cell death in C. elegans that interacts with the BCL-2-like protein CED-9

EIT based optical switch/wavelength converter

Electrical conductors and devices from prion-like proteins

Electrical conductors and devices from prion-like proteins

Electrical contacts on diamond

Electrical Detection of Plasmon Resonances

Electrical device including dielectric layer formed by direct patterning process

Electrically active textiles and articles made therefrom

Electrically-driven nanoscale lasers

Electro-absorption modulator device and methods for fabricating the same

Electro-mechanical micro-switch device

Electro-optic system

Electroactive material for secondary batteries and methods of preparation

Electroactive materials for stimulation of biological activity of bone marrow stromal cells

Electroactive materials for stimulation of biological activity of stem cells

Electrochemical methods, devices, and structures

Electrochromic Window with High Reflectivity Modulation

Electrode and catalytic materials

Electrokinetic concentration device and methods of use thereof

Electrolytic Transformation of Water Contaminants

Electrolyzer Pressure Equalization System

Electromagnetic coupling connector for three-dimensional electronic circuits

Electromagnetically-Actuated Microfluidic Flow Regulators and Related Applications

Electromechanical actuators

Electromechanical actuators

Electromechanical valve drive incorporating a nonlinear mechanical transformer

Electron-emitting devices utilizing electron-emissive particles which typically contain carbon

Electronic Modules and Methods for Forming the Same

Electronics Conducting Integration to Biopolymer Optical and Electro-optical Devices

Electrophoretic assembly of electrochemical devices

Electrophoretic detection and separation of mutant DNA using replaceable polymer matrices

Electrospun pharmaceutical compositions

Electrostatically deformable single crystal dielectrically coated mirror

Electrostatically-actuated structures for fluid property measurements and related methods

Eliminating the bottleneck in WiFi networks: New protocol delivers order-of-magnitude increase in performance

ELISA for the quantification of the alpha chain of the human high affinity lgE receptor application: monitoring allergic diseases

ELISA Test to Identify Autoantigen in Antibiotic-Refractory Lyme Arthritis

Elucidation of a Forkhead Transcription Factor in Premature Ovarian Failure, a Diagnostic and Potential Target for the Development of New Contraceptives

Embryonic epithelial cells

Enabling Devices for Beating Heart Intracardiac Surgery - 1 (Valve Repair Clip)

Enabling Devices for Beating Heart Intracardiac Surgery - 2 (Instrument Port)

Enabling Devices for Beating Heart Intracardiac Surgery - 5 (Trans-Atrial Trocar)

Enantiomerically Pure Fluorinated Amino Acids

Encapsulated inorganic resists

Encapsulated Pancreatic Cell Islet Products

End-Capped Polymer Chains and Products Thereof

End-column fluorescence detection for capillary array electrophoresis

Endodontic Fibers and Methods of Use Therefor

Endosome-Disrupting Compositions and Conjugates

Endosomolytic agents and cell delivery systems

Endostatin Peptides with Anti-Tumor Properties

Endostatin: A potent angiogenesis inhibitor

Endothelial cells derived from human embryonic stem cells

Endowment angiogenesis-related patents

Energetic-electron emitters

Energy beam locating

Energy coupled superlattice structures for silicon based lasers and modulators

Energy/bandwidth efficient medium access control protocol for wireless packet networks

Engineered Kinetochores and Uses Thereof

Engineered Phantoms for Perfusion Imaging Applications

Engineering three-dimensional tissue structures using differentiating embryonic stem cells

Engineering vascularized muscle tissue

Enhanced fidelity of sub-nanogram amplification

Enhanced Litter for Indoor Dogs: Pheromone-Containing Animal Litter Preparations

Enhanced neonatal immune response using TLR ligands

Enhanced radiative zone-melting recrystallization method and apparatus

Enhanced radiative zone-melting recrystallization method and apparatus

Enhanced siRNA Delivery for Research and Therapeutics

Enhanced surface plasmon light transmission through a single aperture spaced from a single additional surface discontinuity or defined through a smooth resonant surface

Enhancement of cardiac chronotropy

Enhancing Stem Cell Mobilization

Enhancing the capabilities of pop-up fabrication

Environmentally Mitigated Navigation System

Enzyme-catalyzed Regioselective Lactone Ring-opening Polymerization Using Ethyl Glucose as a Multifunctional Initiator

Eotaxin: an eosinophil chemoattractant

EPA-EMS/ISO 14001 Document Development, Management and Control System

Epidermal growth factor receptor polypeptides and antibodies

Equi-Biaxial Stretcher of a Thin Membrane

Estimation and Removal of Clock Skew From Network Delay Measurements

Estrogen receptor gene variation and disease

Evaluating Intelligibility of Speech Reproduction

Event-driven charge-coupled device design and applications therefor

Expanding ChIP’s Reach: Automating ChIP for High-throughput Screens and ChIP Controls to Increase Sample Comparability

Expansion of Hematopoetic stem cells by a specific shRNA

Expression of full-length recombinant C. difficile toxin A and B using Bacillus

External cavity laser source using spectral beam combining in two dimensions

External cavity semiconductor laser system

Extracellular Matrix Modulators as Therapeutics for Prevention of Vascular Leakage

Extremely Short Magnet Needle

Fabrication and packaging of suspended microchannel detectors

Fabrication of a high-precision blooming control structure for an image sensor

Fabrication of Carbon Nanoribbons by Joule Heating and Electromigration of Carbon Nanotube Assays

Fabrication of electronic and photonic systems on flexible substrates by layer transfer method

Fabrication of Flexible and Transparent Supercapacitors Using Thin Film Carbon Electrodes with Controlled Morphologies

Fabrication system and method for monocrystaline semiconductor on a substrate

Facilitation of turnover in the ADH by additives which catalyze the hydrolysis of the OS(VI) glycolate esters

Facilitation of turnover in the ADH by additives which catalyze the hydrolysis of the OS(VI) glycolate esters

Facilitation of turnover in the ADH by additives which catalyze the hydrolysis of the OS(VI) glycolate esters

Factors which modify gene transcription and methods of use therefor

Far-field RF power extraction circuits and systems

Fast and Efficient Generalized Galois Field Fixed Field Constant Multiplier

Fast neutron resonance radiography for elemental mapping

Fast optical wavelength shifter

Fast optical wavelength shifter

Fast variable optical delay

Fast variable optical delay

Fast, accurate, laser-based cell injection technique

Fatty acid transport proteins

Fatty acid transport proteins

Feature-based speech recognizer having probabilistic linguistic processor providing word matching based on the entire space of feature vectors

Feed-back loop Deep Brain Stimulation for the treatment of movement disorder in Parkinson s Disease

Feedback-resistant pyruvate carboxylase gene from corynebacterium

Ferroportin Nucleic Acids, Proteins and Antibodies

Fetal Tissue Engineered Patches to Repair Congenital Anomalies

Fiber structures including catalysts and methods associated with the same

Field Effect Transistor with Tunable Gate Bias

Field effect transistors constructed by coating carbon nanotubes with dielectrics and metals by ALD

Field-responsive superparamagnetic composite nanofibers and methods of use thereof

Filler-enhanced polymeric fibers with improved mechanical properties and method for making

Filter having parasitic inductance cancellation

Filter having parasitic inductance cancellation

Filter utilizing a frequency selective non-conductive dielectric structure

Filtration system for small-medium scale wastewater and water treatment

Finger touch sensors and virtual switch panels

Fingernail sensors for measuring finger forces and finger posture

Finite-element method for image alignment and morphing

Fire-resistant Polymers Containing Deoxybenzoin Unit in the Backbone

Flaw detection system using acoustic doppler effect

Flaw detection system using acoustic doppler effect

Flexible full color high contrast electronic-display

Flexure Assemblies and Methods for Manufacturing and Using the Same

FlexVia: A flexible via enabling novel chip designs for memory and optical storage applications

Floating-gate charge-balance CCD

Flow cell and methods of use thereof

Flow method and reactor for manufacturing nanocrystals

Flow rate measurement apparatus

Fluid cooled litz coil inductive heater and connector therefor

Fluid separation

Fluid-filled cellular solids for controlled

Fluidic Constructs for Electronic Devices

Fluidic Constructs for Electronic Devices

Fluidic Variable Inertia Flywheel

Fluids identification by chemically patterned inverse opal photonic crystals

Fluorescein-based metal sensors, and methods of making and using the same

Fluorescent metal sensors, and methods of making and using the same

Fluorescent probes for biological studies

Fluorescent Zinc Sensor for Detection of Prostate Cancer

Fluorescent, semi-conductive polymers, and devices comprising them

Fluorocarbon-organosilicon copolymers and coatings prepared by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition

Flux-biased electromagnetic fast tool servo systems and methods

Flyer Assembly (WASP)

Focal Activation of Neurons with Electrical Stimulation

Force Compensated Comb Drive

Force Feedback for a Rotational System

Force-controlled hydro-elastic actuator

Forkhead Localization Screen

Formation of enediynes by reductive coupling followed by alkyne metathesis

Formation of Submicron Patterns on Films

Formulations of Oxidatively Stable Nanoemulsions of Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Fosill and ShARC: Two New Methods for Making Long-Distance (~40kb) Jumping Libraries for High-Quality Next Generation Genome Sequencing

Foveating imaging system and method employing a spatial light modulator to selectively modulate an input image

Fractal-based image compression and interpolation

Free rotor muffler

Frequency-doubled, diode-pumped ytterbium laser

Frozen food production

Frustrated total internal reflection-based micro-opto-electro-mechanical modulator/demodulator

Fully Automated In-Line LOI (Loss-on-Ignition) Sensor System

Functional Bioavailability of Carotenoids in Humans

Functional polymers by end quenching

Fzd2 - novel anti-cancer therapeutic target

G-CSF analog compositions and methods

G-CSF analog compositions and methods

G-CSF analog compositions and methods

G-Substrate for Treatment and Prevention of Parkinson's Disease

GABA and GABAb receptor agonists for the treatment for diabetes

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation System

Gap-soliton devices in photonic crystal fibers

GaSb-clad mid-infrared semiconductor laser

Gating apparatus and method of manufacture

Ge photodetectors

Gene expression signature that identifies DNA repair and predicts tumor sensitivity to drugs

Gene targets for enhanced carotenoid production

Gene targets for enhanced carotenoid production

Gene therapy for papillomavirus induced cervical carcinoma

Gene Transfer methods and compositions

Gene-Expression Signatures that Identify Cirrhosis Patients "At Risk" for Liver Cancer and Predict the Probability of HCC Recurrence Following Early-Stage Diagnosis and Resection

General synthesis and properties of hetero-branched nanostructures

Generation of a Body Structure

Generation of iPS Cells by Direct Protein Delivery

Generation of Nano-Carbon Structures from Combustion of Solid Hydrocarbon Fuels

Genes and Proteins for the Treatement of Pre-eclampsia (BIDMC 859)

Genes associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Genes in the non-recombining region of the Y chromosome

Genes integrating signal transduction pathways

Genetic and Metabolic Engineering of Yeast to Produce Fusel Alcohols

Genetic Inhibition by Double-Stranded RNA

Genetic Risk Allele for Uterine Fibroids

Genetic Selection Method for Identifying Ligands for Transmembrane Proteins

Genetic Test Predictive of Severity of Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Disease

Genetic Test to Diagnose Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

Genetically encoded fluorescent reporters of kinase, methyltransferase, and acetyl-transferase activities

Genitourinary cell-matrix structure for implantation into a human and a method of making

Genome-Wide Mutation/Methylation Detection Via a Universal Amplification, Ligation and Biotinylation

Genomic Signature Predicting Response to Cytoreductive Surgery in Ovarian Cancer

Geobacter sulfurreducens conductive pili as biological nanowires and uses thereof

Global Computer Network Self-Tutoring System

Global Computer Network Tutoring System

Global transcription machinery engineering

Glucan Binding Protein and Glucosyltransferase Immunogens

Gluconeogenesis as a pro-survival treatment for neurons under stress

Glucose Measuring System

Glucosyltransferase Immunogens

Glycomics and Proteomics Simultaneously (GAPS): A rapid and novel sample preparation pipeline for complex glycoproteins

Glycosylated Modified Primate Lentivirus Envelope Polypeptides

GoFish gene annotation and database query software

Graded index waveguide

Gradient scaffolding and methods of producing the same

GRAEZing: A classifier to increase glycoproteomic coverage

Graft copolymers

Gramicidin A mutants as novel antibiotics

Grating into a high index contrast strip or channel waveguide

Guide ring to control granular mixing in a pebble-bed nuclear reactor

Halogen-free Anti-flammable Polyphosphonate

Halogen-free Flame Retarding Materials Based on Bisphenol Triazole Resins and Polymers

Handheld Device for Delivering Photodynamic Therapy

Handheld, Minimally Invasive, Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostic System

Haptic interface system for collision detection and applications therefore

Hard Intermetallic Bonding of Silicon Wafers for MEMS Applications

Hardware Threading for Improved Computing Performance and Reduced Power Consumption

Harvard Assisted Rapid Palatal Expander (HARPE)

HDAC substrate is ideally suited to HDAC 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 enzyme activity assays

Heat-inducible N-degron module

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and method using feedback linearization

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and method using feedback linearization

Hebbian synapse circuit

Hebbian synapse circuit

Height calibration of scanning probe microscope actuators

HEK293T cells stably express Divalent Metal Transporter-1 for use in a model system to screen for inhibitors of iron uptake

Hepatocyte precursor cell lines

HF vapor phase cleaning and oxide etching

HF vapor phase wafer cleaning and oxide etching

HIB I B Cells

Hierarchical material assemblies and articles for use in projectile impact protection

High Affinity I-Domain as Anti-Inflammatory or Immunosuppressant

High Affinity mAbs Binding to Smallpox and Vaccinia Growth Factors

High compression ratio, high power density homogeneous charge compression ignition engines using hydrogen and carbon monoxide to enhance auto-ignition resistance

High Crystallinity High Level Resistant Non-Oxidizing Polyethylene Orthopedic Implant (E-CIMA)

High definition television system

High Density Aligned Silicon Nanowire

High density integrated optical chip

High Density Parallel Optical Data Storage and Retrieval

High dynamic range analog-to-digital converter having parallel equalizers

High efficency di-nucleotide cyclase

High efficiency channel drop filter

High efficiency channel drop filter with absorption induced on/off switching and modulation

High efficiency channel drop filter with absorption induced on/off switching and modulation

High efficiency modular cryocooler with floating piston expander

High efficiency photoresist coating

High efficiency solid state light-emitting device and method of generating light

High Efficiency Spintronics Devices Based on Silicene Materials Family

High efficiency tandem solar cells on silicon substrates using ultra thin germanium buffer layers

High fracture toughness hydrosilyation cured silicone resin

High K-gate oxide TFTs built on transparent glass or transparent flexible polymer substrate

High lead expression of soluble CMV UL97 and development of an assay to screen inhibitors

High performance CCD-based thermoreflectance imaging using stochastic resonance

High Performance GAP-43 Antibody to Detect Axonal Regeneration for Drug Development and Research

High performance poly-si1-xgex thin film transistor and a method of fabricating such a thin film transistor

High performance poly-SiGe thin film transistor

High performance poly-SiGe thin film transistor

High Performance Sensors and Methods for Forming the Same

High power, spectrally combined laser systems and related methods

High power-to-mass ratio actuator

High pressure centrifugal casting of composites

High Relaxivity Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

High Resolution, Robust Tactile Displays that Convert Small Lateral Vibration into Large, Vertical Vibration

High sensitivity X-ray photoresist


High speed electrical interconnect using an optically distributed carrier signal

High Speed Piezoelectric Optical System with Tunable Focal Length

High Thermal Conductivity Materials for Thermal Management Applications

High Throughput Assays of Lipase Activity

High throughput detection using an integrated lens array

High throughput methods relating to microRNA expression analysis

High-definition imaging apparatus and method

High-Efficiency Battery Equalization for Charging and Discharging

High-Efficiency Fiber-Optic Scintillator Radiation Detector

High-flux, low-power diamond nanowire single-photon source arrays: an enabling material for optical and quantum computing and cryptography

High-power multi-wavelength external cavity laser

High-precision blooming control structure formation for an image sensor

High-sensitivity chiral molecule detection technique using tiny samples

High-Sensitivity Diagnostic for Staging of Cervical Cancer

High-sensitivity interferometric accelerometer

High-sensitivity, high-throughput biosensor capable of detecting biomarkers without external fluorescent labels

High-speed electronic carrier-injection modulator based on high-index-contrast Si-waveguide

High-speed, high-sensitivity charge-coupled device with independent pixel control of charge collection and storage

High-Throughput Biological Screening (HTFS alternate embodiment)

High-throughput hydrogel-based 2D platform for culturing cells in realistic tissue stiffness environments

High-throughput synthetic platform for natural product analog libraries

High-yield fabrication of single-walled carbon nanotube probe tips for atomic force microscopy

High-yield, low-cost approach for producing SiC nanorods

Highly conformal tungsten nitride films for use in microelectronics and semiconductors

Highly linear analog-to-digital conversion system and method thereof

Highly Magnetic and Biocompatible Nanoparticles

Highly Organized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks and Method of Making Using Template Guided Fluidic Assembly

Highly Resilient Synthetic Hydrogels with Tunable Mechanical Properties

Highly Resilient Synthetic Hydrogels with Tunable Mechanical Properties

HIV Immunogenic Peptides and Antibodies

HIV therapeutic

HLTF and its Target Promoters as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Treatment of Cancer and Aging

Hollow Polymeric Nano/Microspheres

Homogeneous charge compression ignition control utilizing plasmatron fuel converter technology

Homozygous IKKepsilon knockout mouse as an animal model for influenza virus infection

HSIX1 Gene as a Diagnostic Marker for Breast Cancer

HSP90:Buffering and Drug Resistance

HSPA12B as a Target for Endothelial Diesease Treatment & Diagnosis (BIDMC 955)

hTERT Monoclonal Antibodies

Human Cdc25c Monoclonal Antibodies

Human CMV Nucleic Acid, Proteins, Vaccines and Use

Human FANCC Polyclonal Antibodies

Human Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Class I

Human Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Class II

Human monoclonal antibody against desmoglein 3 (clone PVMAB786) (BIDMC 1341)

Human monoclonal antibody against HIV gp120 (clones F223, F424, F425A1, F425B4A1g8, F425B4e8) (BIDMC 1303)

Human Neutralizing Antibody Against SARS Corona Virus

Human powered marine vehicle and method for the operation thereof

Human Separase Monoclonal Antibodies

Human transport system with dead reckoning facilitating docking

Humanized Anti-TAT sFv Intrabody

Humanized Model for Spontaneous Autoimmune Myocarditis

Hybrid analog/digital signal coding

Hybrid composite of silicone and organic resins

Hybrid composite of silicone and organic resins

Hybrid electronic/optical switch system

Hybrid electronic/optical switch system

Hybrid integration of electrical and optical chips

Hybrid NIRF Catheter for Improved Intravascular Imaging

Hybrid snake robot for minimally invasive intervention

Hybrid wireless network for data collection and distribution

Hybridoma Clones (antibodies to integrin)

Hydration Monitor

Hydrogen and carbon monoxide enhanced knock resistance in spark ignition gasoline engines

Hydrogen and carbon monoxide enhanced knock resistance in spark ignition gasoline engines

Hydrogen Separation Membranes

Hydrolysis-induced vapor deposition of oxide films

Hydrosilyation cured silicone resin containing colloidal silica and a process for producing the same

Hyperactive mutant of the Himar1 mariner transposase

Hyperpolarized MRI Contrast Agents Reveal Bloodflow (BIDMC 1034)

IBC-1, a Novel Secreted Protein and a Putative Breast Cancer Tumor Marker

ICISS: Clinical knowledge management system for children with developmental disorders.

IDE1 and IDE2, small molecule inducers of definitive endoderm from mouse and human embryonic stem cells

Identification and Characterization of HID-5, a Putative DCIS/Breast Cancer Marker

Identification and verification using complex, three-dimensional structural features

Identification of Estrogen and Tamoxifen Regulated Genes

Identification of HIN-1 a Putative Breast Tumor Suppressor Gene

Identification of novel downstream effectors of the mTOR1 pathway

Identification of proteins and other species with emissive chelating label

Identification of Soluble Endoglin (sEng) and Its Use to Generate Recombinant sEng and sEng-Specific Antibodies (BIDMC 1364)

III-V based integrated circuits having low temperature growth buffer or passivation layers

Image Based Computational Mechanical Analysis and Indexing for Cardiovascular Diseases

Image deconvolution techniques for probe scanning apparatus

Image input system including solid image sensing section and signal processing section

Image Processing Method for Quantitative Evaluation of the Orientation of Wavey and Crimpy Fibers from an Image

Image-Based Methods for Measuring Global Nuclear Patterns as Epigenetic Markers of Cell Differentation

Image-Derived 18-F FDG Input Function for Assessment of Glucose Metabolism with PET

Imaging of Cancer via Intraoperative Coded Aperture Radioscintigraphy (BIDMC 717)

Imaging System Development and Training of Technologists and Surgeons with their Operation (BIDMC 880)

Imaging system with a two-axis-gimbal mirror scan system apparatus and method

Imaging-Based Algorithm to Predict Tissue Outcome Following Stroke Using Spatial Information

Imine hydrosilylation, uses and reagents related thereto

Immortalized drug-resistant cell line for propogating hES cells

Immunogenicity of Glucan Binding Protein

Immunologically Privileged Cells and Uses Thereof

Immunosuppressive agents that inhibit calcineurin function and uses of these agents

Implantable Electroconvulsive Therapy

Implantable neuronal networks

Implantable Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Device

Implanted Polymer Device for Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation

Improved ACL Reconstruction Device

Improved Amide Synthesis Using Silver as a Catalyst

Improved characterization of lesions using a novel DW-MRI analysis method

Improved characterization of white matter fascicles using cube and sphere diffusion MRI

Improved mass spectrometry-based multiplexing strategies for quantitative proteomics

Improved metal complex chemical precursors for atomic layer deposition (ALD) and chemical vapor depostion (CVD) using bicyclic guanidines

Improved Methods for the Treatment of Attentional Disorders

Improved Monofunctional Cyanine Dyes for Imaging and Bioorthogonal Conjugation

Improved performance of copper interconnects

Improved Platelet Recovery and Function

Improved white matter imaging using a novel computational model

Improving Glycemic Control

Improving Inter-Subject Coherence in DT-MRI

In situ Bioremediation of Groundwater Contaminated with Trichloroethylene & Perchloroethylene (TCE & PCE)

In Vitro Blood Vessel Model

In vitro models and method of treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

In Vitro nanomaterial toxicity assay

In vitro Proton MRS Detection of Frequency and Amount of Alcohol Self-Administration

In vivo bioreactors

In vivo Protein-Protein Interaction Mapping

In-Line Loss-on-Ignition Measurement System and Method

In-situ method and apparatus for end point detection in chemical mechanical polishing

In-situ method and apparatus for end point detection in chemical mechanical polishing

Incorporation of Zeolites into Hybrid Polymer Matrices

Increased system performance in multi-core computing systems

Increasing neural regeneration following traumatic injury: Modulation of neuronal outgrowth with HSPG (heparin) and CSPG (chondroitin)

Independently variable first and second order polarization mode dispersion compensator

Induced motor neurons (iMNs)

Induced pluripotent stem cells generated from patients with ALS can be differentiated into motor neurons

Inducible heart attack animal model

Inducing Virus-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Response with Overlapping Synthetic Peptides Correspondent To HIV Gag Protein

Induction load balancer for parallel heating of multiple parts

Induction of Apoptosis By Reactive Oxygen Species

Induction of Slow-Twitch Muscle Fiber Program by PGC-1

Infiltrating a powder metal skeleton by a similar alloy with depressed melting point exploiting a persistent liquid phase at equilibrium, suitable for fabricating steel parts

Inflatable neural prosthesis

Influenza Glycoprotein DNA Vaccines and Vaccination Methods

Influenza Virus Vaccine Strategy

InfoMap: Information Search Maps

Infrared Defect Detection System and method for the Evaluation of Powdermetallic Compacts

Infrared detection material and method of production

Infrared Scanner for Biological Applications

Inhibiting Collagen-Induced Platelet Aggregation and Activation with Peptide Variants

Inhibiting degradation of a degron-bearing protein

Inhibiting long chain fatty acid oxidation for the treatment of cancer

Inhibiting Tumor Angiogenesis (BIDMC 368)

Inhibition of dengue infection by binding of drugs to a novel site on dengue E protein.

Inhibition of Helicobacter Pylori Growth by Emulsifier and Detergent

Inhibition of protein degradation in living cells with dipeptides

Inhibition of Signal Transduction Molecules

Inhibitor of BAK Activation and Mitochondrial Apoptosis

Inhibitors of Clostridium difficile spore germination and outgrowth

Inhibitors of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterases

Inhibitors of Ebola Virus Infection

Inhibitors of GABA transaminase and NKCC1 as an anticonvulsant

Inhibitors of P. carinii, T. gondii, and M. avium: Dihydrofolate Reductases Combining the Selectivity of Trimethoprim with the Potency of Piritrexim

Inhibitors of P. carinii: Dihydrofolate Reductase with Marked Improved in Potency Relative to Trimethoprim and Species Selectivity Relative to Piritrexim

Inhibitors of Phosphoserine and Phosphothreonine-Proline-Specific Isomerases as Cancer Therapeutics (BIDMC 278)

Inhibitors of protein-processivity factor

Initiated chemical vapor deposition of vinyl polymers for the encapsulation of particles

Initiation via Haloboration in Living Cationic Polymerization

Injectable bladder muscle cells-polymer suspension for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and incontinence

Injectable bladder muscle cells-polymer suspension for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and incontinence

Injectable chondrocyte-carrier suspension for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and incontinence

Injectable polysaccharide-cell compositions

Injection Molding Process for High-Rate Manufacturing of Micro and Nano Featured Stamps for Micro and Nano Featured Stamps for Microcontact Printing

Inorganic additives for membrane fouling reduction

Input device based on frustrated total internal reflection

Input light coupler using a pattern of dielectric contrast distributed in at least two dimensions

Instantaneous radiopositioning using signals of opportunity

Instrument for massively parallel single molecule binding measurements

Insulator films on diamonds

Insulin Receptor Knockout Mice

Insulin Receptor Substrate Knockout Mice

Insulin Receptor Substrate Portfol

Insulin Related Transcription Factor

Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 7 (IGFBP-7), A Novel Anti-Cancer Agent

Integrated BST microwave tunable devices fabricated on SOI substrate

Integrated BST microwave tunable devices using buffer layer transfer method

Integrated CMOS Micro-Arrays for Neuronal/Cell Imaging Using Simultaneous Electrical Impedance Tomography and Optical techniques

Integrated electronic shutter for charge-coupled devices

Integrated flight information and control system

Integrated Inertial Stellar Attitude Sensor

Integrated network system

Integrated palladium-based micromembranes for hydrogen separation and hydrogenation/dehydrogenation reactions

Integrated palladium-based micromembranes for hydrogen separation and hydrogenation/dehydrogenation reactions

Integrated polarization controllers with nano-electromechanical dielectric pertubation

Integrated Rate Isolation Sensor (IRIS)

Integrated semiconductor device and method to make same

Integrated semiconductor device and method to make same

Integrated Sensor and Electronics Package

Integrated Static Load Measurement Using a Piezoelectric Sensor

Integrated thin film batteries on silicon integrated circuits

Integration of buried oxide layers with crystalline layers

Intelligent Antibacterial Therapeutic

Intelligent Antibacterial Therapeutic

Intense localized electric fields act as "tweezers" for particle manipulation and sensing

Interaction-dependent PCR: Multiplexed identification of ligand-target pairs from DNA-encoded ligand/target libraries in a single solution-phase experiment

Interactive voice message retrieval

Interconnecting conductive links

Interconnecting conductive links

Interconnection technique for hybrid integrated devices

Interferometric communication system and method

Interferometric Fiber-Optic Gyroscope with Off-Frequency Modulation Signals

Interferometric projection system

Interleavers for AWGs

Interleukin-1 muteins, their preparation and method of use to inhibit interleukin-1 activity

Internal combustion engine

Internal combustion engine

Interspersed repetitive element-bubble amplification of nucleic acids

Intra-coronary Functional Measurement using an OCT Catheter

Intra-ocular lens system including microelectric components

Intra-ocular lens system including microelectric components

Intracellular Nanosensors and Methods for Their Introduction Into Cells

Intracellular Targeting of Endogenous Proteins

Intraoral Light-Emitting Device

Intrauterine Device to Treat Endometrial Cancer

Intravascular Motion Correcting MRI Catheter

Intravenous bag and monitoring method

Intravenous Oxygen


Intrinsic Raman spectroscopy

Iolaus: Securing Oonline Content Rating Systems

Ion channel inhibition to minimize stroke's secondary damage

Ion mobility spectrometers and methods

Ion Selective Quantum Dots

Ionic colloidal crystals

IP Portfolio Overview: Willie Padilla

Irrigation Treatment Using Alkaline Phosphatase to Detoxify Bacterial Infections

Isolated Helicobacter hepaticus

Isolating ring sensor design

Isolation and Characterization of Normal ER(+) cells

Isolation and Enrichment of Dendritic Cells Useful for Vaccines

Jet engine inlet-fan system and design method


Killing tumor cells with a receptor-targeted bacterial toxin

Kinase Mimic Catalysts for Asymetric Synthesis of Phosphorylated Insitols and Cycloalkahols

Kinome Project

Kits For the Isolation of Pure WBCs

Knockdown Of Nicotinamide N-Methyltransferase As A Novel Strategy For The Pharmacological Treatment Of Obesity (BIDMC 1269)

Knockout mouse model for human liver cancer

Label-free in-situ medical imaging

Lanthanide binding tags

Large area orientation of block copolymer microdomains in thin films

Large magnetic coercivity in nanostructured rare-earth-free MnxGa films

Large-area two-dimensional non-adhesive cell arrays for sensing and cell-sorting applications

LASEK surgery solutions and devices

Laser bilayer etching of GaAs surfaces

Laser intensity noise suppression using unbalanced interferometer modulation

Laser system including passively Q-switched laser and gain-switched laser

Laser Therapy Device for the Selective Treatment of Atherosclerotic Plaque

Laser-induced cutting of metal interconnect

Laser-induced defect detection system and method

Lateral photodetectors with transparent electrodes

Layered representation for image coding

Lead compounds for the treatment of pain

Lens/zone plate combination for chromatic dispersion correction

Lentiviral vectors, related reagents, and methods of use thereof

Leukocyte Adhesion Receptors (P150, 95 Subunit)

Leveraging bacterial spores to generate and store energy

Lift-off patterning processes using solid-condensed-gas layers as resists

Ligand-accelerated catalytic asymmetric dihydroxylation

Ligand-accelerated catalytic asymmetric dihydroxylation

Ligand-accelerated catalytic asymmetric dihydroxylation

Light Modulating Device

Light modulating mirror device and array

Light modulation using the Franz-Keldysh effect

Light trapping in thin film solar cells using textured photonic crystal

Lincoln distributed optical receiver array

Linearization of a broadband analog optical link using two wavelengths

Lipid Biomarkers Predict Early Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Lipid-protein-sugar particles for drug delivery

Lipids that Attenuate Immune Responses by Specific Inhibition of CD1d-Restricted Events

Lipophilic Conjugates of Phosphonoformic Acid (Foscarret) and Zidovudine (AZT)

Liposome-based, intracellular delivery of drugs into phagocytes, B- and T-cells, and their tumor cells

Liquid color: Flexible, angle-independent structural color from microdroplets

Liquid expansion thermometer and microcalorimeter

Liquid precursor for formation of materials containing alkali metals

Liquid precursors for formation of metal oxides

Living Cationic Polymers Prepared from Silyl-Functional Aromatic Initiators

Living olefin polymerization processes

Living olefin polymerization processes

Living olefin polymerization processes

Living olefin polymerization processes

Living olefin polymerization processes

Load matched alternator system

Load matched alternator system

Load matched alternator system

Load matched alternator system with fault protection

Load matched alternator system with fault protection

Load Relief System for a Launch Vehicle

Localized bioprobes for electrophysiology

Localized delivery of cardiac inotropic agents

Localized oligonucleotide therapy

Localized oligonucleotide therapy for preventing restenosis

Location-estimating, null steering (LENS) algorithm for adaptive array processing

Lodamin for the Treatment of Cancer

Lodamin for Treating Eye Diseases

Long-range gap detection with interferometric sensitivity using spatial phase of interference patterns

Loose Alignment Scanner for Biometric Application

Lorentz acoustic transmitter for underwater communications

Lossy data compression exploiting distortion side information

Low abosorbing resists for 157 nm lithography

Low altitude wind shear detection with airport surveillance radars

Low Cost, Low Power Geolocation System

Low current plasmatron fuel converter having enlarged volume discharges

Low current plasmatron fuel converter having enlarged volume discharges

Low disturbance pulsatile flow system

Low disturbance pulsatile flow system

Low Dose ALA Treatment of Acne

Low Power Signal Processing Using MEMS

Low pressure neural contact structure

Low temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that are highly scalable and cost effective

Low voltage flexible organic/transparent transistor for selective gas sensing, photodetecting and CMOS device applications

Low voltage nanowire-based electroporation of cells

Low voltage tunable photonic crystal with large defects as wavelength routing

Low-Aspect Ratio Carbon Nanostructures

Low-cost method for measuring the frequency content of a signal above the acquisition rate

Low-dimensional Signal-processing Techniques (LOST) for Image Reconstruction from Undersampled MRI Data and For Artifact Removal (BIDMC 1434)

Low-loss dielectric resonant devices having lattice structures with elongated resonant defects

Low-loss dielectric resonator having a lattice structure with a resonant defect

Low-loss waveguide and method of making same

Low-power digital filtering utilizing adaptive approximate filtering

Low-power, high-speed transducer detects forces at the nano-scale

Low-pressure neural contact structure

Low-to-high information security protection mechanism

Low-voltage micro-switch actuation technique

Low-voltage organic transistors on flexible substrates using high-gate dielectric insulators by room temperature process

LOXL1 oxidase-like and elastogenesis

Lupus Gene Expression Array in the Diagnosis and Classification of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (BIDMC 1419)

Mach-Zehnder interferometer using photonic band gap crystals

Magnetic actuator drive for actuation and resetting of magnetic actuation materials

Magnetic actuator with long travel in one direction

Magnetic arrays

Magnetic positioner having a single moving part

Magnetic positioning device

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Radio Frequency Impedance Mapping Methods and Apparatus (BIDMC 987)

Magnetic Resonance Inverse Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Inverse Imaging

Magnetically active semiconductor waveguides for optoelectronic integration

Magnetically tunable ferrite microwave devices

Magnetooptical isolator material

Malic Enzyme 2 (ME2) as a Target for Cancer Therapy (BIDMC 1438)

Malleolar Pad for Pressure Ulcers

Mammalian cell lines specifically deficient in O-linked glycosylation

Mammalian Mismatch Repair Genes HPMS1 and HMLH1

Man 1-2 Man-PEGylated Derivative as a Tool for in vitro and in vivo Dendritic Cell Targeting

MANET Routing Based on Best Estimate of Expected Position

Manganese Based MR Contrast Agents

Manipulating micron scale items

Manipulating micron scale items

Manually operated switch for enabling and disabling an RFID card

Manufacturing process, such as three dimensional printing, including binding of water-soluble material followed by softening and flowing and forming films of organic-solvent-soluble material

Mapping the Behaviorome: Comprehensive, quantitative, and unbiased visualization of defined behavior states

Markers for Pancreatic Cancer and Cell Growth

Mass spectrometry-based in vitro kinome activity assay

Material systems and methods of three-dimensional printing

Material transportation system

Materials and methods for near-infrared and infrared intravascular imaging

Materials and methods for near-infrared and infrared lymph node mapping

Materials presenting Notch signaling molecules to control cell behavior

Mathematical Image Analysis Based Cell Reprogramming with Applications to Epigenetic and Non-Epigenetic Base Induced

Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors to Treat Fatty Liver Disease

MCK Cre Mice

Measurement of concentrations and binding energetics

Measurement of total reactive isocyanate groups in samples using bifunctional nucleophiles such as 1.8-diaminonaphthalene (DAN)

Measurements of Brain Plasticity for Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders or Schizophrenia (BIDMC 1268)

Measuring bone mineral characteristics using differential cross polarization and adiabatic demagnetization in a rotating frame with magnetic resonance

Measuring circulating blood volume through retinal vasculometry

Mechanical crawler

Mechanical Fabrication Process to Form Variably Curved Mesh Thin Shells

Mechanical fish robot exploiting vibration modes for locomotion

Mechanism to reduce the cost of forwarding pointer aliasing

Mechanisms and artifacts to manage heterogeneous platform interfaces in a collaboration system

Meclizine Re-Purposed for Ischemia

Mediator of arterial smooth muscle cell LIM protein

Medication Dispensing IOL

Melanocortin 4 receptor knockout mice (loxTB-MC4R mice) (BIDMC 1316)

Melanocyte Concentrating Hormone Knockout Mice

Melanoma Diagnostic

Membrane-Based Fluid Control in Microfluidic Devices

MEMS Blast Dosimeter

MEMS Electrostatic Fluidic Pumps and Valves

MEMS Microphone Array

MEMS Piezoelectric Longitudinal Mode Resonator

Merged bipolar and insulated gate transistors

Mesh-gel constructs for cell delivery containing enzymes and/or enzyme inhibitors to control gel degradation

Metabolic Biomarkers for Predicting Diabetes Risk

Metabolic labeling and direct imaging of choline-containing phospholipids in vivo

Metal oxide catalysts for nitric oxide reduction

Metal oxide coated nanometer-scale structures

Metal Oxide Nanostructures with Hierarchical Morphology

Metal Resistant Plants and Multiple Abiotic Stress-Tolerant Plants

Metal slurry for electrode formation and production method of the same

Metal waveguides for mode confinement in terahertz lasers and amplifiers

Metal-doped semiconductor nanoparticles and methods of synthesis thereof

Metals removal process

Metamaterial Bimaterial Cantilever for Thermal Based Tetrahertz Detection

Metamaterial Devices with Environmentally Responsive Materials

Metamaterials employing photonic crystal

Method and apparatus for arbitrary spectral shaping of an optical pulse

Method and apparatus for assigning tasks in a distributed server system

Method and apparatus for automated, context-dependent retrieval of information

Method and apparatus for automatic alingment of volumetric images containing common subject matter

Method and apparatus for casting

Method and apparatus for casting

Method and apparatus for characterization of devices and circuits

Method and apparatus for characterization of devices and circuits

Method and Apparatus for Concentrating Molecules

Method and apparatus for cooling current carrying coil

Method and apparatus for current-mode ADC

Method and apparatus for damping structural vibrations

Method and apparatus for damping structural vibrations

Method and apparatus for data hiding in images

Method and apparatus for data hiding in images

Method and apparatus for data hiding in printed images

Method and apparatus for decoding broadcast digital HDTV in the presence of quasi-cyclostationary interference

Method and apparatus for depositing LED organic film

Method and Apparatus for Dermatologic Treatment (Line Scan and Resurfacing)

Method and Apparatus for Detecting Microscopic Objects (BIDMC 635)

Method and apparatus for detecting nonlinearity and chaos in a dynamical system

Method and apparatus for detecting nonlinearity in an electrocardiographic signal

Method and apparatus for differential compression of speaker models

Method and apparatus for direct fabrication of nanostructures

Method and apparatus for echo data hiding in audio signals

Method and apparatus for eliminating artifacts in data processing and compression systems

Method and apparatus for embodied conversational characters with multimodal input/output in an interface device

Method and apparatus for encoding decoding and compression of audio-type data

Method and apparatus for encoding decoding and compression of audio-type data

Method and apparatus for encoding of data using both vector quantization and runlength encoding and using adaptive runlength encoding

Method and apparatus for encoding, decoding and compression of audio-type data

Method and apparatus for encoding, decoding and compression of audio-type data

Method and apparatus for fluid dispersion

Method and apparatus for frequency-converting infrared light

Method and apparatus for guiding ablative therapy of abnormal biological electrical excitation

Method and apparatus for guiding ablative therapy of abnormal biological electrical excitation

Method and apparatus for hybrid analog/digital signal processing

Method and apparatus for inertial sensing via measurement of trapped orbit dynamics

Method and apparatus for logo hiding in images

Method and apparatus for measuring perfusion of biological tissue by blood

Method and apparatus for metal extraction and sensor device related thereto

Method and apparatus for multi-bit zoned data hiding in printed images

Method and apparatus for preferential neuron stimulation

Method and apparatus for producing binaural audio for a moving listener

Method and apparatus for producing digital images having extended dynamic ranges

Method and apparatus for protecting data

Method and apparatus for quantum information processing

Method and Apparatus for Real-Time Digital Processing of Satellite Positional Signals for Fast Acquisition and Low SNR

Method and apparatus for reducing quantization noise in fractional-N frequency synthesizers

Method and apparatus for refractory metal deposition

Method and apparatus for relating and combining multiple images of the same scene or object(s)

Method and Apparatus for Separating Particles, Cells, Molecules and Particulates

Method and apparatus for stabilizing a high-gain, high-power single polarization EDFA

Method and apparatus for switched-mode power conversion at radio frequencies

Method and apparatus for the evaluation of a depth profile of thermo-mechanical properties of layered and graded materials and coatings

Method and apparatus for thickness measurement using microwaves

Method and apparatus for touch-activated identification and information transfer

Method and apparatus for transbody transmission of power and information

Method and apparatus for two-dimensional spectroscopy

Method and apparatus to provide compensation for parasitic inductance of multiple capacitors

Method and device for generating spatially and temporally shaped optical waveforms

Method and facility for dynamic video composition and viewing

Method and kit for evaluating transformed cells


Method and system for controlling the temperature of a dispensed liquid

Method and system for facilitating wireless, full-body, real-time user interaction with a digitally represented visual environment

Method and system for field assisted statistical assembly of wafers

Method and system for field assisted statistical assembly of wafers

Method and system for field assisted statistical assembly of wafers

Method and System for Implementing a Communications Transceiver Using Modified GPS User Equipment

Method and system for interference lithography utilizing phase-locked scanning beams

Method and system for magnetically assisted statistical assembly of wafers

Method and system for magnetically assisted statistical assembly of wafers

Method and system for magnetically assisted statistical assembly of wafers

Method and system for micropayment transactions

Method and system of lithography using masks having gray-tone features

Method and system of lithography using masks having gray-tone features

Method and system of lithography using masks having gray-tone features

Method for altering the differentiation of anchorage dependent cells on an electrically conducting polymer

Method for Assaying Compounds Affecting Smooth Muscle Tone

Method for automatic signal routing in ad hoc networks

Method for Automatically Identifying Unwanted or Harmful Electronic Text using Inexact String Matching

Method for controlling a dynamic system

Method for controlling a dynamic system

Method for Coupling Living Cationic Polymers

Method for Detection of Alterations in MSH5

Method for determining lymphocyte distribution and trafficking in mammals using imaging

Method for determining storm predictability

Method for efficient and highly selective control of microorganisms

Method for embedding electronic structure in controllable quantum systems

Method for establishing connections by allocating links and channels

Method for estimating TDOA and FDOA in a wireless location system

Method for evaluating novel, stroke treatments using a tissue risk map

Method for Fabricating a Tuning Fork Gyroscope

Method for Fabrication of Silk Photonic Crystals by Nanocontact Imprinting

Method for forming an interface between germanium and other materials

Method for forming low defect density alloy graded layers and structure containing such layers

Method for generating an anti-reflection coating for a laser diode

Method for Generating Highly Immunogenic Glycoprotein Vaccines

Method for Generating Multi-Drug, Uniform-Sized Liposomes for Drug Delivery

Method for high supercoiled DNA content microspheres

Method for imaging and identifying newly synthesized proteins in vivo

Method for improving hole mobility enhancement in strained silicon p-type MOSFETS

Method for inhibiting angiogenesis using heparinase

Method for Integrating MEMS Device and Interposer

Method for introducing multiple wavelength laser excitations in fluorescence microscopy

Method for low pressure spin coating and low pressure spin coating apparatus

Method for low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy

Method for making medical devices having antimicrobial coatings thereon

Method for Manufacturing a Cylindrical Microchannel

Method for measuring the "closeness" of nodes in a network

Method for object identification and sensing in a bounded interaction space

Method for p-type doping wide band gap oxide semiconductors

Method for photolithography using multiple illuminations and a single fine feature mask

Method for photolithography using multiple illuminations and a single fine feature mask

Method for Polymer Synthesis Using Microfluidic Enzymatic Cascade

Method for producing property-preserving variable resolution models of surfaces

Method for producing site-specific recombination of DNA in a transgenic non-human mammal at chromosomal regions containing Flp-recognition sites

Method for production of tetanus toxin using media substantially free of animal products

Method for Randomizing Patients in a Clinical Trial Based on "Mathematical Equipoise"

Method for regulating size of vascularized normal tissue

Method for screening analogs of G-CSF

Method for Separating and Recovering Rare Earth Elements Using Bacteria

Method for separating chrominance and luminance components of a television signal

Method for the Retrieval of Cells and Cell-Products from Damaged Organs

Method for the Selective Functionalization of Complex Polymeric Structures

Method for Treating Dominance-Related Aggression in Dogs.

Method of and apparatus for tachycardia detection and treatment

Method of delivering oxygen to cells by electrolyzing water

Method of design and fabrication of integrated circuits using regular arrays and gratings

Method of Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease

Method of efficient carrier generation in silicon waveguide systems for switching/modulating purposes using parallel pump and signal waveguides

Method of enhancing proliferation and/or hematopoietic differentiation of stem cells

Method of fabricating electro-mechanical devices by multilayer deposition

Method of Fabricating Gaps in Electrodes

Method of fabricating Ge or SiGe/Si waveguide or photonic crystal structures by selective growth

Method of fabrication for III-V semiconductor surface passivation

Method of formation of microstamped patterns on plates for adhesion of cells and other biological materials, devices and uses therefor

Method of formation of microstamped patterns on plates for adhesion of cells and other biological materials, devices and uses therefor

Method of formation of microstamped patterns on plates for adhesion of cells and other biological materials, devices and uses therefor

Method of forming a multi-layer semiconductor structure having a seam-less bonding interface

Method of forming a multi-layer semiconductor structure having a seamless bonding interface

Method of forming a multi-layer semiconductor structure incorporating a processing handle member

Method of forming a surface emitting laser

Method of forming curved surfaces by etching and thermal processing

Method of geometric information sharing and parametric consistency maintenance in a collaborative design environment

Method of high throughput pressure casting

Method of identifying compounds useful for treating autoimmune diseases

Method of increasing the efficacy of antibiotics by compexing with cyclodextrins

Method of inhibiting pathogenicity of infectious agents

Method of Intracellular Binding of Proteins

Method of making flexible electronic circuitry

Method of making inverse opal structures produces far fewer defects and larger crystalline domains than the conventional process

Method of making packets of nanostructures

Method of Making Pancreatic Islet Cells

Method of making rubber-modified rigid silicone resins and composites produced therefrom

Method of manufacture of polymer transistors with controllable gap

Method of manufacturing high voltage schottky diamond diodes with low boron doping

Method of measuring plasma membrane targeting of GLUT4

Method of measuring plasma membrane targeting of GLUT4

Method of performing fast bilateral filtering and using the same for the display of high-dynamic-range images

Method of polymerization

Method of polymerization

Method of Predicting the Risk of Prostate Cancer Morbidity and Mortality

Method of preparing an anti-fouling coating

Method of preparing nanocrystals

Method of producing a superconducting joint with niobium-tin


Method of producing device quality (Al)InGaP alloys on lattice-mismatched substrates

Method of producing mutant mice

Method of producing mutant mice

Method of producing non-human mammals

Method of producing sheets of crystalline material and devices made therefrom

Method of producing sheets of crystalline material and devices made therefrom

Method of producing sheets of crystalline material and devices made therefrom

Method of producing sheets of crystalline material and devices made therefrom

Method of producing sheets of crystalline material and devices made therefrom

Method of producing sheets of crystalline material and devices made therefrom

Method of producing short hairpin library

Method of Reducing Facial Laxity and Rhytids

Method of selectively etching silicon

Method of Treating of the von-Hippel-Lindau Disease

Method of treatment of diarrhea and scours

Method of using megapoietin for prolonging the survival & viability of platlets

Method to fabricate articulated characters from skinned meshes

Method To Prepare Block Copolymers By The Combination Of Cationic And Anionic Polymerization

Method to Prepare Block Copolymers by the Combination of Cationic and Anionic Polymerization

Method to produce induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells from non-embryonic human


Methods and Apparatus for Biomolecule Identification

Methods and apparatus for connecting an intimate group by exchanging awareness cues and text, voice instant messages, and two-way voice communications

Methods and apparatus for counting and positioning using resonant tags

Methods and apparatus for detecting and correcting penetration between objects

Methods and apparatus for detecting the presence, intensity, trajectory or location of a liquid stream

Methods and apparatus for determining cardiac output

Methods and apparatus for determining cardiac output and left atrial pressure

Methods and apparatus for improving resolution and reducing the effects of signal coupling in an electronic imager

Methods and apparatus for optical coherence tomography scanning

Methods and apparatus for performing signal processing functions in an electronic imager

Methods and apparatus for promoting sales by reducing the purchase price at the time of sale for randomly selected products or purchasers

Methods and Apparatus for Providing a Semiconductor Optical Flexured Mass Accelerometer


Methods and apparatus for vibrotactile communication

Methods and apparatus for visualizing volumetric data using deformable physical object

Methods and apparatus for wireless RFID cardholder signature and data entry

Methods and apparatus involving selectively tailored electromagnetic fields

Methods and Apparatuses for Conducting Assays

Methods and Compositions for Controlling Efficacy and Specificity of RNA Silencing

Methods and compositions for controlling invertebrate pests

Methods and compositions for CPG15-2

Methods and Compositions for Diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy, Henoch-Schonlein Purpura and IgM Nephropathy

Methods and Compositions for Enhancing the Efficacy and Specificity of Single and Double Blunt-Ended RNA Duplexes

Methods and Compositions for Increasing Antimicrobial Function

Methods and Compositions for Inducing Brown Adipogenesis

Methods and Compositions for Inducing Brown Adipogenesis

Methods and Compositions for Modulating Adipocyte Function

Methods and Compositions for Modulating Necdin Function

Methods and compositions for peptide and protein labeling

Methods and Compositions for Preventing Obesity and Related Disorders

Methods and Compositions for Regulating Protein-Protein Interactions (BIDMC 106)

Methods and compositions for soluble CPG15

Methods and Compositions for the Efficient Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to Cells and Animals

Methods and compositions for treating cancer


Methods and Compositions for Treatment of Metabolic Disorders (BIDMC 1355)

Methods and compositions related to modulating the extracellular stem cell environment

Methods and compositions related to the modulation of intercellular junctions

Methods and Compositions Relating to Self-Assembling Amphiphiles as Drug Delivery Devices

Methods and Compositiosn for preventing vessel regression

Methods and compounds for the treatments of spinal muscular atrophy and ALS

Methods and devices for growth and/or assembly of nanostructures

Methods and Devices for Removal of Organic Contaminants from H2O

Methods and devices for the sustained release of multiple drugs

Methods and products for expression of micro RNAs

Methods and products for regulating cell motility

Methods and products related to FGF dimerization

Methods and products related to genotyping and DNA analysis

Methods and products related to genotyping and DNA analysis

Methods and products related to non-viral transfection

Methods and products related to pulmonary delivery of polysaccharides

Methods and products related to the improved analysis of carbohydrates

Methods and products related to the improved analysis of carbohydrates

Methods and products related to the intracellular delivery of polysaccharides

Methods and Reagents for Efficient Expression of microRNAs and Artificial microRNAs/siRNAs

Methods and Systems for Communicating Data Through a Pipe

Methods and Systems for Controlling Capacitor Inrush Current

Methods and Systems for Drug Screening and Computational Modeling

Methods and Systems for Generating and Evaluating Peptides

Methods and systems for generating peptides

Methods and Systems for Imaging Cells

Methods and systems for introducing electromagnetic radiation into photonic crystals

Methods and systems using field-based light scattering spectroscopy

Methods for detecting rare polymorphic variants in genomic DNA sequences

Methods for determining oligosaccharide binding

Methods for Diagnosing and Treating Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Diseases

Methods for Diagnosing and Treating Immune Disease

Methods for Diagnosing Thrombotic Disorders

Methods for Diagnosing Thrombotic Disorders

Methods for Diagnosing Thrombotic Disorders

Methods for epi-retinal implantation

Methods for ex vivo propagation of adult hepatic stem cells

Methods for ex vivo propagation of somatic hair follicle stem cells

Methods for ex vivo propagation of somatic stem cells

Methods for forming articles having very small channels therethrough, and such articles, and methods of using such articles

Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules

Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules with error control

Methods for Identification of HIV Inhibitors

Methods for identifying a tyrosine phosphatase abnormality associated with neoplastic disease

Methods for Identifying Anatomical and Molecular Targets for Analgesic Therapy

Methods for Identifying Compounds for Treatment of Insulin Resistance

Methods for identifying treatments for neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's disease caused by .beta.-amyloid peptides

Methods for manufacturing bioelectronic devices

Methods for modulation of cholesterol transport

Methods for modulation of cholesterol transport

Methods for modulation of cholesterol transport

Methods for modulation of cholesterol transport

Methods for modulation of lipid uptake

Methods for perfusion and plating of primary hepatocytes and a medium therefore

Methods for preparing porous metal oxides

Methods for promoting neovascularization

Methods for regulating and detecting the cytosine methylation status of DNA

Methods for Removal, Purification, and Concentration of Viruses

Methods for synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals and thermoelectric compositions

Methods for synthesis of sulfated saccharides

Methods for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Methods for the fabrication of microstructure arrays

Methods for the treatment and prevention of cancer

Methods for trans-destabilization of specific proteins in vivo and DNA molecules useful therefor

Methods for Treating Inflammatory Autoimmune Disorders (BIDMC 1236)

Methods for Treatment of Mood Disorders

Methods for Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Methods of 6-0 sulfating polysaccharides and 6-0 sulfated polysaccharide preparations

Methods of achieving optimal communications performance

Methods of altering the resonance of waveguide micro-resonators

Methods of altering the resonance of waveguide micro-resonators

Methods of altering the resonance of waveguide micro-resonators

Methods of altering the resonance of waveguide micro-resonators

Methods of controlling axonal growth

Methods of detecting and treating arterial inflammatory disease

Methods of Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease

Methods of Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease

Methods of Diagnosing Renal Disease

Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Metabolic Disorders

Methods of direct reprogramming: converting pancreatic exocrine cells to beta cells

Methods of Eradicating Bacterial Cell Population

Methods of generating desired amino-terminal residues in proteins

Methods of generating desired amino-terminal residues in proteins

Methods of generating desired amino-terminal residues in proteins

Methods of generating desired amino-terminal residues in proteins

Methods of generating desired amino-terminal residues in proteins

Methods of generating desired amino-terminal residues in proteins

Methods of Generating Insulin-Producing Cells

Methods of Generating Trophectoderm and Neurectoderm from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Methods of Generation of Broadly Neutralizing Anti-Pathogen Antibodies

Methods of Inhibiting Undesirable Cell Growth Using a Combination of a Creatine Compound and a Hyperplastic Inhibitory Agent

Methods of Making Decomposable Thin Films of Polyelectrolytes and Uses Thereof

Methods of making decomposable thin films of polyelectrolytes and uses thereof

Methods of Modulating Angiogenesis

Methods of Modulating Beta-Cell Growth and Function

Methods of Modulating Complications of Hypertension

Methods of Modulating Fibrosis

Methods Of Regulating Metabolism And Mitochondrial Function

Methods of Treating Diabetes

Methods of Treating Obesity

Methods of treating obsessive compulsive disorder

Methods of Treating or Preventing Autoimmune Conditions

Methods of Treating Pathological Gambling and other Compulsive Disorders

Methods to Clone PolyA mRNA (Differential Display)

Methods to Detect Lineage-Specific Cells

Methods to predict, prevent and revert resistance to taxoid compounds

Methods Utilizing Reversibly Adhesive Layers for Forming Patterned Microstructures

Methods, apparatuses and kits for introducing genetic material into living cells

MF2.2D9 is an OVA-specific, I-A(b)-Restricted T-T Hybridoma

Micro and nanospheres based on natural materials

Micro fuel cell

Micro-actuated adaptive diffractive composites

Micro-electro mechanical switch designs

Micro-Infusion Pump with an Integrated System to Ensure Proper Drug Dosing

MicroArray spot LINEar regression (MASLINER) software

Microbial Growth Factors

Microbioreactor for continuous cell culture

Microcapillary column peptide trap provides superior mechanical design to the automated loader

Microcavity amplifiers

Microchemical method and apparatus for synthesis and coating of colloidal nanoparticles

Microcontact printing

Microdisplay viewer

Microelectro-mechanical system actuator device and reconfigurable circuits utilizing same

Microelectro-mechanical system actuator device and reconfigurable circuits utilizing same

Microfabricated Artificial Lung Assist Device, and Methods of Use and Manufacture Thereof

Microfabricated biopolymer scaffolds and method of making same

Microfabricated chemical reactor

Microfabricated Electrochemical Sensor for Early Detection of P. aeruginosa Infection

Microfabricated Silk Fibroin Devices for BioMEMS

Microfermentors for rapid screening and analysis of biochemical processes

Microfluidic arrays for multiplex detection of analyts

Microfluidic bubble logic devices

Microfluidic Chip for Optimizing Protein Crystallization Conditions

Microfluidic Device Facilitating Gas Exchange, and Methods of Use and Manufacture Thereof

Microfluidic Device for Droplet Encapsulation

Microfluidic Devices and Methods for Fabricating the Same

Microfluidic Devices and Methods of Fabrication

Microfluidic devices for magnetic separation in continuous flow

Microfluidic Point of Care Viral Load Quantification from Whole Blood

Microfluidic pumps and mixers driven by induced-charge electro-osmosis

Microfluidics assisted cell screening


Micromachined bilayer unit of engineered tissues

Micromachined Shear Stress Sensors for Characterization of Surface Forces During Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Micromechanical System with Recirculating Flow for Intraocochlear Drug Delivery

Micrometer-Scale Tissue Mesh Expansion

Microphase stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals

MicroRNA Inhibitor to Increase Angiogenesis and Treat Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease

MicroRNA Targets for Treatment and Diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

MicroRNAs in plants

Microscale micropatterened engineered in vitro tissue

Microscale sorting cytometer

Microscopic dynamic mechanical analyzer

Microsphere delivery systems

Microstructure synthesis by flow lithography and polymerization

Microstructured arrays for cortex interaction and related methods of manufacture and use

Microstructured surfaces that prevent ice accumulation

Microthread Delivery System



Migraine Prophylaxis (BIDMC 1357)

Migration inhibitory factor (MIF) knockout mouse

Miniature Attitude Sensing Suite (MASS)

Miniaturization of rotational velocity dependent fiber formation

Minimal thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity metal-ceramic matrix composite

Minimally invasive retinal prosthesis

Minimally-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulator

Minimum-cost routing with network coding

miR-17-92 as targets and agents for cardiac regeneration

miRNA-135a to detect and reverse taxane resistance in tumor cells

Mismatch Repair Genes, Gene Products, and Uses: MSH2

Mixed Kappa/Mu Opioids and Uses Thereof

MMP2-Responsive Paclitaxel Prodrug and Its Nanopreparation Containing Cell Penetration Moiety for Cancer Targeting and Therapy

Mobile-assisted network based techniques for improving accuracy of wireless location system

Mode coupler between low index difference waveguide and high index difference waveguide

Mode Rotation Operators in Radio Frequency Ion Traps

Mode transformer between low index difference waveguide and high index difference waveguide

Models of Malignant Brain Cancer for BioMarker Discovery and Use Thereof

Modification of surfaces using biological recognition events

Modified Apomorphine Derivatives

Modified Pathogens for Vaccine Applications

Modular conditional knockout: Precise temporal control of protein degradation in living cells

Modular Designs for Anti-Amyloid Therapeutics

Modular peptide mediated intracellular delivery system and uses therefore

Modular Super Heterodyne Stepped Frequency Radar System for Imaging

Modular weaving for short production runs

Modulating gene activity on chondrocytes

Modulating RNP activity in ALS drug discovery

Modulating the RAD-nm23 Interaction

Modulation of dynamical systems for communication

Modulation of IL-2 and IL-15 Mediated T Cell Responses/Antagonists of Interleukin 15 (BIDMC 404/238)

Modulation of Nitric Oxide Synthase

Modulators of Glucose Uptake

Modulators of hedgehog signaling

Modulators of Nitric Oxide Signaling for the Stimulation Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Moisture Vulcanizable Polyisobutylenes

Moisture Vulcanizable Polyisobutylenes

Molding of molding polymers

Molds for casting with customized internal structure to collapse upon cooling and to facilitate control of heat transfer

Molds for casting with customized internal structure to collapse upon cooling and to facilitate control of heat transfer

Molecular actuators, and methods of use thereof

Molecular Database for Antibody Characterization

Molecular Definition of Negative Selection: Identification of the I Kappa BNS Protein and its Products

Molecular Encapsulation Beyond the Aperture Size Limit Through Linker Exchange in Metal-Organic Framework Crystals

Molecular Markers for Women's Infertility and Therapeutic Targets (BIDMC 1040)

Molecular Markers in DCIS and Breast Cancer

Molecularly Engineered Poly(antioxidants) or Polymeric antioxidants for Humans' Foods and Materials by Enzymatic and/or Chemical Synthesis

Monitor of plasma processes with multivariate statistical analysis of plasma emission spectra

Monitoring Drinking Water Quality Using Differential Mobility Spectrometry

Monoclonal Antibodies Against Cellular Protein p130 CAS

Monoclonal antibodies against human Fc epsilon receptor (clones 15/1, 3G6, 4H7.1) (BIDMC 1294)

Monoclonal antibodies against human SAP (BIDMC 1324)

Monoclonal antibodies against human SPDEF (BIDMC 1340)

Monoclonal antibodies against mouse CD39 (clones 3C1 and 5F2) (BIDMC 1211)

Monoclonal antibodies against mouse LY108 (clones 13G3-19D and 330-AJ) (BIDMC 1314)

Monoclonal antibodies against mouse SAP (BIDMC 1323)

Monoclonal antibodies against mouse SLAM (BIDMC 1296)

Monoclonal antibodies against rat CD81 (BIDMC 1321)

Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for Human NCK

Monoclonal Antibodies to Native Murine CCR9

Monoclonal Antibodies TS2/7 and A-IA5

Monoclonal Antibodies Which Recognize Activated Neutrophils

Monoclonal antibody 2F12, Anti-ITK

Monoclonal Antibody Against CD28 (Clone 2G7)

Monoclonal Antibody to GRB2

Monoclonal Antibody to SHP1

Monoclonal IgE anti-ovalbumin antibody

Monocyte/Neutrophil Elastase Inhibitor

Monolithic integration of micro-optics circuits and RF circuits

Monolithically integrated light emitting devices

Monolithically integrated semiconductor materials and devices

Monolithically integrated semiconductor materials and devices

Monolithically-integrated graphene structures as sensors

Monovalent avidin and streptavidin compositions

Monovalent streptavidin compositions

Motion compensating catheter for beating heart surgery

Mouse Hepatitis Virus Screen Based on Real-Time Quantitative Molecular Beacons

Mouse Model for Drug Development and Research in Peripheral Sensory Neuropathies

Mouse Model for Drug Development and Research in: (1) Myelination Abnormalities such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder; and (2) Drug Addiction

Mouse model for treating Schizophrenia

Mouse model of myxomatous valvular disease

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to GPR56

Mouse Obesity Model with Modified Leptin Receptor

MRP3s1, a Novel Half-ABC Protein Involved in Resistance to DNA-Damaging Agents

mTOR kinase-associated proteins

mTOR kinase-associated proteins

Mucosal Vaccination Against Infectious Diseases Delivered by Abundant Commensal Oral Bacteria

Mucus Strengthening and Weakening Formulations to Alter Mucus Barrier Properties

Mulitecho Bandwidth Matched Sequences for Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Tissue Segmentation

Multi modal spectroscopy

Multi-channel blind system identification for cardiovascular monitoring

Multi-channel DPSK receiver

Multi-Component Adhesive System

Multi-dimensional strain bioreactor

Multi-enzymatic synthesis and functionalizations of polymers

Multi-Gate HFET with Tailored Field

Multi-Gimbaled Borehole Navigation System

Multi-layer integrated semiconductor structure

Multi-layer integrated semiconductor structure having an electrical shielding portion

Multi-layer thin-film broadband beam splitter with matched group delay dispersion

Multi-modal probes for Magnetic Resonance and Radioactive Nuclide Imaging and Drug Delivery

Multi-Modal RF Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Multi-polymer-coated magnetic nanoclusters

Multi-probe impedance measurement system and method for detection of flaws in conductive articles

Multi-resistance states through electrically-driven phase transitions in VO2/HfO2/VO2 heterostructures on silicon

Multi-Scale Enveloping Spectrogram (MuSEnS) for Machine Condition Monitoring and Health Diagnosis

Multi-spectral pixel and focal plane array

Multi-tap programming circuit for transversal filters

Multichannel laser transmitter suitable for wavelength-division multiplexing applications

Multichannel multiuser detection

Multidirectional transfer charge-coupled device

Multifocal imaging systems and method

Multifunctional Self-Assembling Polymeric Nanosystems

Multilayer transfer patterning using polymer-on-polymer stamping

Multilevel fabrication processing by functional regrouping of material deposition, lithography, and etching

Multimodal Contrast Agent

Multimodal Imaging of Fibrin

Multiple Activation Sites of VLA-4

Multiple Antigen Presentation System (MAPS)

Multiple arbiter jitter estimation system and related techniques

Multiple beam pair optical imaging

Multiple degree of freedom compliant mechanism

Multiple degree of freedom compliant mechanism

Multiple degree of freedom micro electro-mechanical system positioner and actuator

Multiple Degree of Freedom Portable Rehabilitation System Having DC Motor-Based, Multi-Mode Actuator

Multiple Midbodies as Markers for Multiple Classes of Human Stem Cells

Multiple oxidation smoothing method for reducing silicon waveguide roughness

Multiple-axis tracking of passive resonant structures

Multiple-laser pump optical system

Multiple-laser pump optical system

Multiple-viewer auto-stereoscopic display systems

Multiscale coding of images

Mutant interleukin-2 (IL-2) polypeptides

Mutation Scanning Array and Methods

Mutations for enhanced tyrosine production

Mycobacterial Vaccine Vectors and Methods of Using the Same (BIDMC 1201)

N-Acyl Amino Acid Conjugates as Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Agents

N-Substituted Derivatives of Morphinan and Uses Thereof

Nano-electromechanical high-index contrast

Nano-Heater Sources by Exothermic Reacting Nanostructures For Time-Controlled, Nanoscale-Localized Thermal Power and Materials Processing

Nanoantennas Metasurfaces for Light Computation

Nanoemulsion Delivery of Botulism Toxin Type A

Nanoemulsions Encapsulate Anti-Oxidant Synergy Formulation (ASF) for Cancer Therapy

Nanoemulsions of Soy Protein-based Edible Films


Nanofluidic connector for hollow microfiber and method for manufacture thereof

Nanoliter-scale synthesis of arrayed biomaterials and screening thereof

Nanometer patterning with ice

Nanoparticle chains and preparation thereof

Nanoparticle chains and preparation thereof

Nanoparticle heating and applications thereof

Nanoparticle targeting to ischemia or Cancer for imaging and therapy

Nanopatterned Biopolymer Optical Device and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Nanoporous coatings

Nanoporous coatings

Nanoporous gold multiple electrode array (np-Au MEA)

Nanopreparation for Co-Delivery of Drugs and siRNA

Nanoscale Coaxial Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope

Nanoscale Interconnects Fabricated by Electrical Field Directed Assembly of Nanoelements

Nanosensor Diagnostics Utilizing Enzymatic Recognition

Nanostructured thermoelectric materials and devices

Nanostructured thermoelectric materials and devices

Nanotransporters for Efficient Delivery of Nucleic Acids and other Pharmaceutical Agents

Nanotube Cantilever Probes for Nanoscale Magnetic and Atomic Force Microscopy

Nanowire arrays

Nanowire-based nonvolatile memory

Nanowired three-dimensional cardiac patches

Narrowband analog to digital converter with suppressed second-order distortion

Natural Product Extracts to Treat HIV Infection

Natural-Polymer Nanofiber Mats with Enhanced Antimicrobial Properties

Naturally occurring molecule serves as a novel adjuvant to boost immune responses

NBS-1 Antibody Proteins, NBS-1 Antibodies

Near Haploid Cell Line

Neomorphogenesis of urological structures in vivo from cell culture

Neostatin as antiangiogenesis and antitumor agent

NERF and ELF-1 as Novel Transcriptional Mediators of Angiogenesis and Therapeutic Drug Targets (BIDMC 541)

Net-shape ceramic processing for electronic devices and packages

Network coding approach to rapid information dissemination

Network Communication Systems and Methods

Network security planning architecture

Neural Stem Cells Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Neural stimulation device employing renewable chemical stimulation

Neurokinin-1 Receptor Knock-Out Mouse

Neuron circuit and related techniques

Neuroprotection Portfolio

Neuroprotective Role of a Novel Neurotrophic Factor (PDNF)

Neutral endopeptidase knockout mice

Neutralizing Anti-Envelope Antibody Specificities and Binding Parameters on Development of Vaccines for Retroviral Infections Including HIV and SIV

Neutron capture therapies

New actuators generate more motion in smaller devices less expensively

New cell sorting technology could replace fluorescent and magnetic technologies

New class of versatile optical components: molding light propagation with phase discontinuities

New delivery device for protein therapeutics and vaccines

New Design of Femoral Prosthetic That Increases Flexion

New fabrication process enables inexpensive production of complex, highly-articulated mechanical devices at the millimeter scale

New Generation of E. coli rRNA deletion strains

New herpes drug target and candidate

New Members of the Ste20 Family of Protein Kinases

New Methods of Making an Antibody and Compositions Thereof

New Methods to Generate 10-Terabit-per-Square-Inch Arrays of Nanoscopic Elements with Long-Range Lateral Order

New Polydiacetylenes with Extended Long Wavelength Absorption

New Surgical Instruments and Implant to Improve Shoulder Replacements

New therapeutic pathway for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders

New therapeutic targets for the treatment of asthma and COPD

New thermoplastic elastomeric compostions based on polyisobutylene and poly(vinyl ethers)


New Treatment for Neuropathic Pain

New Use of Inhibitors to Treat Cancer

Next Generation Carbon Nanotube Based Rechargeable Batteries

Next generation diagnostics for breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma

Next Generation Vitamin E Cross-linked Polyethylene for Joints Replacement

Nickel Catalyzed Synthesis of Poly-(9,9 substituted) Fluorenes Aided by an Alkyl Lithium Reagent

NIR-sensitive nanoparticle

Noise reduction system

Non-acoustic self noise canceller for sensor arrays

Non-Contact Passive Ranging System

Non-contact surface temperature, emissivity, and area estimation

Non-crosslinked, amorphous, block copolymer electrolyte for batteries

Non-Integrating Retroviral Gene Therapy Vectors

Non-Invasive Coronary Vein MR Imaging (BIDMC 1072)

Non-Invasive Pulmonary MR Imaging (BIDMC 1274)

Non-invasive Test To Monitor Repetitive Head Injury

Non-Invasive Treatment for Compartment Syndrome

Non-linear Optical Structure and Methods of Making

Non-Noble Metal Based ODC Cathodes for Chlorine Evolution Processes

Non-Perturbing, Targetable and Cleavable Protein Labeling Reagents

Non-reciprocal Tunable Low-Loss Bandpass Filters with Ultra-Wideband Isolation Based on Magnetostatic Surface Wave

Non-Reciprocal Tunable Low-Loss Bandpass Filters withUltra-Wideband Isolation Based on Magnetostatic Surface Wave

Non-subjective, diagnosis of depression

Non-zeolitic nanocomposite materials of solid acid catalysis

Nonaqueous solutions and suspensions of macromolecules for pulmonary delivery

Noninvasive and early test for Glaucoma

Nonlinear dynamic system for spread spectrum code generation and acquisition

Nonlinear temporal grating as a new optical solitary wave

Nonuniform sampling for spectral and related applications

Novel AIDS Vaccine

Novel Algorithm for High Speed Medical Image Processing

Novel Algorithm for Limited Data Electron Microscopy

Novel and unique ocular drug delivery technology (POD) for enhanced delivery of drugs to ocular tissues and cells

Novel Anti-CMV Small Molecules

Novel anti-Pneumococcal Preparations

Novel apparatus turns liquids into vapors for use in chemical vapor deposition

Novel Approaches for HIV Vaccines that Elicit Neutralizing Antibodies: gp41 Locked in Fusion-intermediate Conformation

Novel Approaches for HIV Vaccines that Elicit Neutralizing Antibodies: Stable gp140 Trimers

Novel Asthma Vaccine Candidate

Novel Brain Tumor Model System in the VM Mouse Strain

Novel Catalyst for Cationic Polymerization

Novel Catalysts with Substantially Reduced Metal Content and Undiminished Activity

Novel cell-based technology for plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

Novel cell-penetrating small molecules as markers for apoptosis

Novel Centrosome Proteins Involved in Cytokinesis and Cell Cycle Control

Novel Cholera Vaccine

Novel Cleavable Block Copolymers and Functionalized Nanoporous Materials

Novel combination therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammation

Novel Compositions for the In Vivo Imaging of PARP Activity

Novel compositions which modulate iron uptake in cells for the treatment of iron deficient anemias or iron overload disorders

Novel Compounds for Imaging Brown Adipose Tissue

Novel Compounds for Treating Alzheimer's Disease

Novel Compounds to Enhance Liver Repair & Regeneration (BIDMC 1259)

Novel coordination complexes, and methods for preparing by combinatorial methods, assaying and using the same

Novel Design for Replacement Heart Valve Leaflets

Novel drugs targeting metastatic cancers

Novel F-18 Imaging Tracers for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Novel Fluorescent Sensor for Detection of Inflammation

Novel Fluorine-18 Labeled Rhodamine Derivatives For Myocardial Perfusion Imaging With Positron Emission Tomography

Novel Geobacter Strain Capable of Enhanced Current Production

Novel high-speed, high-density nanowire memory elements

Novel HIV Vaccine Immunogens For Eliciting Neutralizing Antibodies

Novel HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors

Novel Hydrogels for Cartilage Repair and Moldable Orthopedic Implants

Novel Imaging Agent for Detection of Cell Death

Novel Imaging Agent to Image and Quantify Beta-Cell Mass

Novel Inhibitors Targeting HIV Vif Protein

Novel iron catalyst for producing high-quality synthetic rubber

Novel Ligands and Functionalized Nanoparticle Compositions Compatible in Either Organic or Aqueous Solutions

Novel lipid hormone for identifying and treating metabolic disease

Novel lipid hormone for identifying and treating metabolic disease

Novel Low Molecular Weight Heparins to Treat Cancer

Novel Magnet To Generate Extremely Strong Magnetic Fields

Novel malignancy associated response signatures associated with refractory tumors

Novel Metal-Chelating Antioxidant Packaging Material

Novel method to create hematopoietic stem cells, derived from parthenogenetic embryonic stem (ES) cells

Novel methods for generating regulatory T-cells

Novel Methods to Regulate miRNA Processing for Targeting Human Malignancies

Novel Microfluidic Device for Disease Diagnosis, Therapy Monitoring and Drug Screening

Novel Microfluidic Device for Measuring Cancer Metastasis

Novel Modalities in the Treatment of Gingival Recession and Thin Biotype

Novel Motion Correction Method for MR Applications using Coil-Coil Array (BIDMC 1347)

Novel Nanoemulsion Formulations

Novel Nanoscale Coaxial Electrode Array

Novel Obesity Treatment

Novel peptide therapeutic for multiple sclerosis

Novel peptides to promote wound healing and neuroprotection

Novel Platform for Delivery of Imaging and Therapeutic Compounds

Novel Pneumococcal Vaccine with Adjuvant Properties

Novel Polymer - Protein Substrate for Immunosorbant Fluorescent Assays

Novel Polymer Capsules Prepared by Interfacial Crosslinking of Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers

Novel Prostate Cancer Immunotherapies (BIDMC 1187)

Novel rodent control agent: Identification of a single predator-derived chemical

Novel Selective PDE11 inhibitors

Novel Sensors of miRNA Activity

Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial Cell Division Efficacious at Lethal and Sub-lethal Concentrations

Novel target for Angelman Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Novel Target for Treatment of Diabetes

Novel target in NK cell mediated antigen specific memory responses

Novel technology advancement for solar energy and battery

Novel Theranostic for NUT-Rearranged Carcinomas (NRC)

Novel Therapeutic Strategies to Combat Bacterial Biofilm Assemblies

Novel Therapy for Vascular Inflammatory Diseases (BIDMC 1086)

Novel Treatment for Angiogenesis-dependent Diseases

Novel Treatment for Ocular Neovascularizing Diseases

Novel Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Novel tumor suppressor protein and gene could be used to develop treatments of carcinoma

Novel Two Piece Replacement Heart Valve Delivered via Transcatheter

Novel, Clinically Validated Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction

Novel, Occlusive Transdermal Drug Delivery System

Nr3b nmda receptor subunit compositions and related methods

Nucleic Acid Encoding Transcription Factor P300

Nucleic acid encoding ubiquitin-specific proteases

Nucleic acid encoding ubiquitin-specific proteases


Nucleic acids and polypeptides required for cell survival in the absence of Rb

Nucleic acids encoding a mammalian raptor polypeptide and uses therefor

Nucleic acids encoding lin-37 and uses thereof

Obesity and Body Fat Distribution

Object movement estimator using one-dimensional optical flow

Object movement estimator using one-dimensional optical flow

Occluding contour detection and storage for digital photography

Off-Resonance Pulmonary Vein Angiography (BIDMC 1144)

Oil circulation observer for HVAC systems

Olefin polymerization with group 4 metal-containing organosilicon dendrimers

Oleuropein from Olive Plants in Treatment of Obesity, Diabetes & Atherosclerosis

Oligopaints as a means for marking chromosomes with superior resolution and labeling functionality

Omni-directional, holonomic drive mechanism

Omnidirectional vehicle with offset wheel pairs

On-chip optical amplifier

On-demand and reversible drug release by external cue

Oncofish: A Zebrafish Drug Discovery Platform

One-Dinemsional Hole Gas in Germanium/Silicon Nanowire Heterostructures

OPB1: A Novel Protein Selectively Expressed in Osteoblasts

Ophthalmic Imaging Device

Ophthalmic micro-OCT Device

Optical bit rate converter

Optical computed tomography in a turbid media

Optical device comprising crystalline semiconductor layer and reflective element

Optical feedback structures and methods of making

Optical frequency filter

Optical frequency shifter

Optical grating coupler

Optical imaging of tissue using inelastically scattered light

Optical imaging of tissue using inelastically scattered light

Optical imaging systems and methods using polarized illumination and coordinated pupil filter

Optical imaging using time gated scattered light

Optical interferometer with squeezed vacuum and reduced guided-acoustic-wave brillouin scattering noise

Optical modulator using simultaneous push-pull drive of linear and quadratic electro-optic effects

Optical synthetic aperture array

Optical synthetic aperture array

Optical transmitter of modulated signals

Optical Trapping Using Microlens Arrays and Digital Micromirror Devices

Optical trapping with a semiconductor

Optical Tweezer Arrays for Parallel Manipulation and Separation of Cells and Microparticles

Optical tweezers get smaller, sharper, and less expensive

Optical waveguide crossings

Optical waveguide with non-uniform sidewall gratings

Optical waveguide Y-branch splitter

Optical waveguides with trench structures

Optically active derivatives of glycidol

Optically active derivatives of glycidol

Optically active derivatives of glycidol

Optically active derivatives of gycidol

Optically sampling, demultiplexing, and A/D converting system with improved speed

Optimal bistable switching in non-linear photonic crystals

Optimal Lead Configuration and Algorithm to Treat Repolarization Alternans

Optimized Metal-Organic-Framework Nanospheres for Drug Delivery

Optimum regeneration of diesel particulate filters and NOx traps using fuel reformers

Optoelectronic fiber photodetector

Optoelectronic integrated circuits and method of fabricating and reducing losses using same

Optoelectronic integrated circuits formed of polycrystalline semiconductor waveguide

Optovin for Photo-chemical Activation of TRPA1 Channels in Neuronal Cells

Oral delivery of therapeutic large molecules

Oral delivery of vaccines using polymerized liposomes

Orbital tube evaporator with improved heat transfer

Ordered colloids

Organic field emission device

Organic field emission device

Organometallic ligands for the localization and quantification of amyloid in vivo and in vitro

OS Wound Monitor

Osteoclast Proton Pump Subunit

Osteoinductive peptides to enhance bone regeneration

Overproduction and purification of soluble PHA synthase

OxaPhos, a new class of ligands for organic oxidation and chiral synthesis

Oxidation catalyst

Oxidation of silicon on germanium

Oxidative chemical vapor deposition of electrically conductive and electrochromic polymers

Oxygen Delivery System for Liquefaction and Geo-Environmental Mitigation

Oxygen-activated gold as a green catalyst for selective methoxycarbonylation

p53 cell-Based assay

P58 and SQ41 Antibodies

Packaging Defective HIV Provirus and Cell Line

Paper-based keypads: Low-cost, disposable user interface

Paper-supported 3D cell culture for cell and tissue-based bioassays

Paramagnetic Proteoliposomes Containing an Oriented, Integral Membrane Protein

Parametric audio system

Parasitic mobility in dynamically distributed sensor networks

Parathyroid Hormone Antagonists (BIDMC 560)

Partial confinement photonic crystal waveguides

Particle Stabilized Emulsions of Carbon Dioxide & Water for Enhanced Oil Recovery & Extraction Processes (Alternate Title: Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide & Water Emulsions Stabilized By Fine Particles for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Supercritical

Passive stabilization systems for wheeled objects

Patient monitoring finger ring sensor

Patient Specific Image-Based Computational Modeling and Techniques for Human Heart Surgery Optimization

Patient Tracking Software

Patient-specific seizure onset detection system

Pattern recognition system with statistical classification

Patterned Coatings Having Extreme Wetting Properties and Methods of Making

Patterned surfaces and polymeric microstructures within robust microfluidic channels

Patterning of metals and metal compounds using ionotropic polymers

Patterning of nanostructures

Peptide Analogues of Parathyroid Hormone and PTH-related Protein (BIDMC 694)

Peptide-based inhibitor for treating chronic viral and autoimmune inflammatory diseases

Peptides Having Insulin Autoantibody But Not Insulin Receptor Binding Capacity

Perfused three-dimensional cell/tissue disease models

Pericardial Reinforcement Device (BIDMC 950)

Pericentrin Antibody

Periodic dielectric structure having a complete three-dimensional photonic band gap

Periostin as Injectable Therapeutic for Heart Failure

Peripheral Blood Sampling Device

Peripheral Field Expension Device

Peristaltic mixing and oxygenation system

Permanently Charged Ion Channel Blockers as Anti-Inflammatory and Asthma Therapeutic Agents

Permanently charged ion channel blockers as anti-inflammatory and asthma therapeutic agents

Permanently linked, rigid, magnetic chains

Personal Peanut Sheller

PET Radiotracer for Histone Deacetylase

PGC-1 and Gluconeogenesis.

PGC-1 Beta, a Novel Nuclear Receptor Coactive Related to PGC-1

PGC-1 Isoforms

PGC-1, a Novel Brown Fat PPAR Coactivator

pH triggerable polymeric particles

pH-triggered microparticles

Phaeobacticides - Potent and selective new class of algae growth inhibitors

Pharmaceutical preparations for the inhibition of herpes simplex virus 1 entry

Phase dispersive tomography

Phase-shift high-speed valve for switching-mode control

Pheromone - inducible yeast promoter

Phonon Mediated Intersubband Laser

Phospho-FANCD2 Monoclonal Antibodies

Phosphoramidite Nucleoside Analogs

Phosphorylation and regulation of Akt/PKB by the rictor-mTOR complex

Photo-based mobile deixis system and related techniques

Photo-reactive polymer platform for use in biomedical devices

Photoactivatable opoid neuropeptides

Photoactivated drug therapy

Photoconductive optical correlator

Photocyclodimerizable Copolymers for Functionalized Textiles

Photodynamic Therapy with Fullerenes

Photogenerated polyelectrolyte bilayers from an aqueous-processible photoresist

Photonic bandgap modulator, amplifier, DEMUX, and TDM devices

Photonic crystal exhibiting negative refraction without requiring a negative effective index

Photonic Crystal Interferometric Fiber Optical Gyroscope System

Photonic crystals: a medium exhibiting anomalous cherenkov radiation

Photoplethysmograph signal-to-noise line enhancement

Photoreceptor Viability

Photoresponse in Heterojunction Structure of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Silicon for Optoelectonics Applications

Photovoltaic cell

Physical modeling system for constructing and controlling articulated forms with motorized joints

Physiological and Behavioral Sensors and Methods

Piezoelectric actuators and method of making same

Pin 1 as a Marker for Abnormal Cell Growth (BIDMC 270)

Pixelated Tunable Color Filter

Planar mid-IR integrated microphotonics

Planar multiwavelength optical power supply on a silicon platform

Planar turbopump assembly

Planarization of GaN by Photoresist Etchback Technique Using an Inductively Coupled Plasma

Plane Polarized Light Interactions

Plasma ion mobility spectrometer

Plasmatron fuel converter having decoupled air flow control

Plasmonic polarizer

Platelet-activating factor antagonists as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, uterine contraction inhibiting, and anti-tumor agents

Platform for item sensing and identification

Platform for the Single Step Synthesis of Complex Multifunctional Imaging Probes

Platform to identify therapeutics for treatment of lung cancer and metastasis

Polariton wave imaging

Polarization-independent optical networks in 3D photonic crystals

Polarization-stabilized all-optical switch

Polarized Light Scattering Spectroscopy Endoscopic Scanning Instrument (BIDMC 1246)

Polarizing agents for dynamic nuclear polarization

Poly(ethylene oxide) coated surfaces

Poly(ethylene oxide) coated surfaces

Poly(lactide) based copolymers containing pendant functional groups

Polyamines inhibit bacterial biofilm formation

Polybiotin Compounds for Targeted Drug Delivery and Enhanced MRI/PET Imaging

Polyclonal Antibodies against TRMP4 (BIDMC 1319)

Polyelectrolyte multilayers that influence cell growth methods of applying them, and articles coated with them

Polyelectrolyte multilayers that influence cell growth, methods of applying them, and articles coated with them

Polymer electrolyte, intercalation compounds and electrodes for batteries

Polymer electrolyte, intercalation compounds and electrodes for batteries

Polymeric anti-reflective compounds

Polymeric anti-reflective compounds

Polymeric Antioxidants

Polymeric photonic band gap materials

Polymeric photonic band gap materials

Polynucleotides encoding fatty acid transport proteins

Polynucleotides encoding fatty acid transport proteins

Polynucleotides encoding fatty acid transport proteins

Polysilane thin films for directly patternable waveguides

Polyvalent HIV-1 Glycoprotein DNA Vaccines and Vaccination Methods

Porous carbon structures and methods

Porous Extraction Paddle

Porous material formation by chemical vapor deposition onto colloidal crystal templates

Porous structures

Portable Miniature Wavelength-Swept Laser

Portable Mydriatic Cameras

Portable Wireless Sensor Pad for Fall Prevention

Portfolio of novel monoamine uptake inhibitors targeting monoamine transporters

Positioner with long travel in two dimensions

Positive resist pattern formation through focused ion beam exposure and surface barrier silylation

Positive-operator-valued measure (POVM) receiver for quantum cryptography

Post-Coupling Synthetic Approach for Polymeric Antioxidants

Potent OGT inhibitors for the treatment of cancer and diabetic complications

Potential amplified nonequilibrium thermal electric device (PANTEC)

Potential blood brain barrier target

Power absorbing dynamometer

Power diverter

Power management system for multi-function battery-operated device

Power-efficient communication protocol

PPAR Gamma Null Fibroblasts-Cell Line

Practical, scaleable method of making optically pure unnatural amino acids provide new set of intermediates for research and commercial use

Precise and permanent modification of the resonant frequency of a dielectric microcavity and correction of frequency shifts in dielectric coupled-resonator filters

Precise and permanent modification of the resonant frequency of a dielectric microcavity and correction of frequency shifts in dielectric coupled-resonator filters

Precision high speed turning machine

Precision-Guided Nanoparticle Systems for Drug Delivery

Predictive instrument for diagnostic outcomes

Predictive source encoding and multiplexing

Predictors of Renal Disease

Preparation of asymmetric membranes using hot-filament chemical vapor deposition

Preparation of bonded fiber structures for cell implantation

Preparation of Dendritic Metal Oxide Structures

Preserving Viability of Photoreceptor Cells

Preventing Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease

Prevention of Chronic Allograft Rejection Using Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Prevention of Surgical Adhesions Using Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Prevention or treatment of abnormal lipoprotein, atherosclerosis and cholestasis

Prevention or treatment of abnormal lipoprotein, atherosclerosis and cholestasis

Priority controlled network

Privatization marketplace

Probing a living cell through a nanotube

Process and Tools for Making Heparin Sulfate Proteoglycans and Fusion Proteins

Process for chemical manipulation of non-aqueous surrounded microdroplets

Process for fabricating an array of nanowires

Process for fabrication of high reflectors by reversal of layer sequence and application thereof

Process for manipulation of non-aqueous surrounded microdroplets

Process for photocatalysis and two-electron mixed-valence complexes

Process for producing high-quality III-V nitride substrates

Process for rapidly enumerating viable entities

Process for synthesis of oriented molecular sieve membranes with improved separation performance

Process of making ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Process of making ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Process of making ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Process of making ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Process of making ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Process to Prevent Oxidation in Polymeric Material for Medical Devices

Processing of acoustic waveforms

Product brokering method and system

Production and uses of polymerase colony ("polony") arrays

Production of charged uniformly sized metal droplets

Production of normal human osteoclasts

Production of polymeric microarrays

Production of submicron diameter fibers by two-fluid electrospinning process

Program-listing appendix

Programmable genotoxic agents and uses therefor

Programmable genotoxic agents and uses therefor

Programmable genotoxic agents and uses therefor

Programmable genotoxic agents and uses therefor

Programmed sequential mutagenesis

Prolonged suppression of electrical activity in excitable tissues

Promoter engineering and genetic control

Promoter engineering and genetic control

Promoting neuronal regeneration by inhibiting the TGF-Beta signaling pathway

Propagation of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells in hyaluronic acid hydrogel

Proprietary Process for Selecting iPS Cells During Reprogramming

Proprietary Process to Generate Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Propulsion Guidance for Atmospheric Skip Entry Trajectories

Propulsion mechanism employing flapping foils

Prosaposin, a novel anti-metastatic candidate therapeutic and diagnostic

Protecting groups for lithographic resist compositions

Protection from toxin exposure by administration of a single heterodimer binding agent

Protection of cone cells by HDAC4 mediated Hif1alpha activation could lead to the development of new therapeutics in degenerative eye diseases

Protein Conjugates as Antimicrobial Drugs for Treating Infections in the Central Nervous System

Protein Kinase C Monocyte Assay

Protein-based therapies using quantitatively designed proteins

Proton transporters and uses in plants

Pseudorandom noise sequence generator

Pt-Fe bimetallic electrocatalyst

PTU6 Series of Vectors Containing Tetracycline-Inducible Human U6 Promoters

Pulse Sequence for Positive Contrast in MRI CEST (BIDMC 1180)

Purification of Histidine-Tagged Proteins Using Nitrilotriacetic Acid Microgels

Purified emmprin

Pyrolytic chemical vapor deposition of silicone films

Quality control for manufacturing of plastic articles

Quantities of Peptide/MHC Complexes on Antigen Presenting Cells

Quantum computer control precision minimization technique

Quantum digital signatures

Quantum dot thermoelectric materials and devices

Quasi-kinematic coupling and method for use in assembling and locating mechanical components and the like

Quasi-optical transceiver having an antenna with time varying voltage

Quasi-passive wakeup function to reduce power consumption of electronic devices

Quasi-synchronously pumped lasers for self-starting pulse generation and widely tunable systems

Querying heterogeneous data sources distributed over a network using context interchange

Querying heterogeneous data sources distributed over a network using context interchange

Rab3B for the Treatment and Prevention of Parkinson's Disease

Radar processing apparatus and method

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic device and method

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic device and method

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic device and method

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic device and method

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices

Radiation Curable Polyisobutylenes

Radiation-free optical cavity

Radiation-induced cellular adaptive response

Radiolabeling Feraheme for Imaging Macrophage Activity

Radionuclidic and Non-radionuclidic Molecular Imaging Agents for the Estrogen Receptor Based on 11-beta Subsituted Steroidal Anti-Estrogens

RAGE-Control game systems

Ral Binding Protein

RalB Monoclonal Antibody

Raman Cardiovascular Imaging Device

Raman spectroscopy for non-invasive glucose measurements

Randomized distributed network coding

Rapamycin and its analogs as novel treatments for hemangiomas

Rapid Assay for Determination and Quantification of Radiation or Toxin Exposure

Rapid Colorimetric Sensor for Detection of Bacteria in Water


Rapid Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds for Identification of Bacteria in a Sample

Rapid Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds for Identification of Mycobacterium

Rapid Diagnostic for Antimicrobial Resistance and Susceptibility Using a Fluorescent Biochemical Probe

Rapid heating, cooling and massaging for car seats using integrated shape memory alloy actuators and thermoelectric devices

Rapid patterning of nanostructures

Rapid Photocontrol of Fluorescence

Rapid Synthesis of Radiolabeled Pyrimidine Nucleosides or Nucleotides for Tumor or Lesion Imaging

Rapid synthesis of radiolabeled pyrimidine nucleosides or nucleotides from Stann

Rapid two-step synthesis of anti-coagulants

Rat Anti-ICOS Monoclonal Antibody (clone 7E17G9.G1)

Rat basophilic leukemia cells expressing human FcepsilonR1-, alpha, beta and gamma chains (known as RBL-SX38 cell line) (BIDMC 1293)

Rational-harmonic apparatus and technique

Ray based interaction system

RB GST Fusion Protein Amino Acid Sequences 379-928

Rb pathway and chromatin remodeling genes that antagonize let-60 Ras signaling

Reaction Sensing in Living Cells

Reactive polymer coatings

Reactive, Neutralizing Human Anti-gp120 Recombinant Antibody

Reagents and methods for identification of RNAi pathway genes and chemical modulators of RNAi

Real-time polarization mode dispersion characterization

Realistic reproduction of a cell's dynamic physical environment

Rear view mirror with integrated matrix display

Receiver-compatible noise reduction systems

Receptor Linked Protein Tyrosine Phosphotases

Recombinant BCG

Recombinant BCG

Recombinant mycobacteria

Recombinant mycobacterial vaccine

Recombinant mycobacterial vaccine

Recombinant prion-like genes and proteins and materials and methods comprising the same

Recombinant Proteins with Adipsin and Complement D Activities

Recombinant virus AcMNPV/human hTOP1

Recombinant VP4 Polypeptides as Antigens for a Rotavirus Vaccine

Reconfigurable analog-to-digital converter

Reconfigurable analog-to-digital converter

Reconfigurable image surface holograms

Reconfigurable microphotonics devices via deformable membrane platforms

Reconfigurable polarization independent interferometers and methods of stabilization

Reconfigurable Wireless Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Red-Shifting of Luciferase Emission with Modified Luciferins

Red-Shifting the Emission Wavelength of Luciferases

Reducing dislocations in semiconductors utilizing repeated thermal cycling during multistage epitaxial growth

Reduction of modulator non-linearities with independent bias angle control

Reduction of trapping effects in charge transfer devices

Reduction of turbomachinery noise

Regenerable Sorbents for Hot Fuel Gas Desulfurization for Fuel Cell Applications

Regulation of Eating Behavior

Regulation of hypoxia and glycolysis through modulation of SIRT3 activity: SIRT3 activators for cancer metabolism and SIRT3 inhibitors for vascular disease

Regulation of Insulin Biosynthesis, Secretion, and Degradation by IRE1a in Pancreatic ß-Cells

Regulation of Oncogenesis by Akt-Specific Isoforms

Regulators of G-protein signalling

Regulators of G-protein signalling

Reinforced Carbon Nanotubes

Rejuvenation of the neurovascular niche by young systemic factors reverses age-related decline in neurogenesis

Relationship between CRP and AMD

Releasable Magnetic Cell Capture System

Reliable AlInGaAs/AlGaAs strained-layer diode lasers

Remote chamber methods for removing surface deposits

Remote chamber methods for removing surface deposits

Remote chamber methods for removing surface deposits

Remote collaborative control and direction

Remote High Speed Terahertz Imager

Removal of Integrated Circuits from Packages

Repeat Polymorphism Gene and Uses Thereof

Replacement solvents for use in chemical synthesis

Reprogramming Committed Blood Cells Back to Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Reprogramming DNA Methylation to Inhibit Tumor Growth (BIDMC 1457)

Research Tool: GBC-2 and SUS-4 antibodies that recognize specific cell types in olfactory epithelium

Research Tool: Gioblastoma stem cell lines GS7-2,GS7-25, GS7-21, GS7-22, GS6-8

Research Tool: Murine Monoclonal Site-Directed Antibodies Reactive to the ABL Oncogene Product

Resist materials for 157-nm lithography

Resist materials for 157-nm lithography

Resist methods and materials for UV and electron-beam lithography with reduced outgassing

Resist with reduced line edge roughness

Resist with reduced line edge roughness


Resonant accelerometer

Resonant cavities employing two dimensionally periodic dielectric materials

Resonant microcavities

Resonant microcavities employing one-dimensionally periodic dielectric waveguides

Resonant-tunneling electronic transportors

Resonator modulators and wavelength routing switches

Resonator System with a Plurality of Individual Mechanically Coupled Resonators and Method of Making

Retinal Disease Portfolio

Retinal Imaging System

Retinal Progenitor Cells

Retinal Prosthesis

Retinoblastoma Protein Associated Factor (RBAF600)

Retinoblastoma-Associated Protein 1 cDNA

Retroviral Vectors with Deletions in Matrix Protein for Use in Gene Therapy

Reverse transfection method

Reverse transfection method

Reverse transfection method

Reversibly immortalized hepatocytes and methods of use

RF Switch Using Pair of pHEMTs with Shifted Gates

Rhombohedral-phase barium titanate as a piezoelectric transducer

Ring laser employing unidirectional attenuator

RNA polymerase II holoenzyme from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

RNA Silencing Through Oligonucleotide Tethers That Recruit Endogenous miRNAs

RNA-Oligonucleotide Quantification Technique for the Enumeration of Uncultivated Bacterial Species

RNAi Treatment for Trinucleotide Repeat Diseases

Road surface condition monitoring system using sensors disposed under the road

Robotic Implant to Apply Tissue Traction Forces in the Treatment of Esophageal Atresia

Robotnikinin: small molecule inhibitor of sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling in human cells

Robust biological conversion of methane to electricity

Robust fluorescent probes allow sensitive detection of small molecules

Robust thin film solid oxide fuel cell

Rolling contact handle

Rolling shutter optical switch device with dimples on shutter, annular rim at optical port and shortened shutter attachment edge

Rolling shutter optical switch device with latch electrode and slits in shutter

Rolling toy with motion recording and playback capability

Room temperature luminescent Erbium Oxide thin films for photonics

Rotary fast tool servo system and methods

Rotary Nanotube Bearing Structure and Methods for Manufacturing and Using the Same

Rubber-modified rigid silicone resins and composites produced therefrom

Rubber-modified rigid silicone resins and composites produced therefrom

Ruthenium-catalyzed production of cyclic sulfates

S-Adenosyl-Vinthionine and its Analogs as Tools for the Studies of S-Adenosyl-Methionine-Dependent Methyltransferases and Methylation

Safe cranial drilling device

Safety seat

Salvinorin Compounds and Uses Thereof

Samara Wing

Sample introduction interface for analytical processing

Sample introduction interface for analytical processing of a sample placed on a substrate

Sample preparation methods and devices

Sample preparation methods and devices

Scalable room temperature solid-state quantum information processor

Scan independent array for circular polarization reception and transmission

Scatter Reducing Device for X-Ray Imaging

Scavenger receptor protein and antibody thereto

Scintillating fiducial patterns

Screening for inhibitors of Vibrionaceae-specific DNA replication.

Sealable microvalve that can be repeatedly opened and sealed

Secreted target for type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease

Secure sealed-bid auctions - Protecting against fraud in large financial transactions

Secure software system and related techniques

Secure software system and related techniques

Secure software system and related techniques

Selective deposition of cells in microwells

Selective electrochemical etching

Selective Inhibition of Calcineurin-NFAT Signaling

Selective substrate metallization

Selectively degrading specific cellular proteins

Selectively programmable interconnections in multilayer integrated circuits

Self aligned barrier layers

Self- Energzing Wireless Sensor with Threshold Activation

Self-assembling peptide surfaces for cell patterning and interactions

Self-assembling peptide surfaces for cell patterning and interactions

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels and Concentrators with Integrated Transparent Electrodynamic Screens

Self-doped microphase separated block copolymer electrolyte

Self-Excision of Recombinase Genes

Self-organizing network

Self-powered wireless switch

Self-powered wireless switch

Semaphorin Proteins as Anti-Angiogenic Therapeutics

Semi Conductor Patch Antenna

Semiconductor devices having bonded interfaces and methods for making the same

Semiconductor elements for stabilizing laser output

Semiconductor embedded layer technology including permeable base transistor

Semiconductor embedded layer technology utilizing selective epitaxial growth methods

Semiconductor nanocrystal heterostructures

Semiconductor-on-insulator article and method of making same

Sensing and display of skin conductivity

Sensitive assay to identify inhibitors of HSV DNA polymerase

Sensor Apparatus and Method of Using Same

Sensor Isolation System

Sensor Readout Circuit

Sensors for the Detection of Diols and Carbohydrates

Sensors, and methods of making and using the same

Separate Blood with Higher Purity and Yield

Separations and detection of particles/cells using stable stepwise density gradients and centrifugation

Sepiapterin reductase inhibitors for the treatment of pain

Serotonin-gated anion channel

Serotonin-gated anion channel

Set point optimization in vapor compression cycles

Shape controlled growth of nanostructured films and objects

Shape-intrinsic watermarks for 3-D solids

Shock-wave modulation and control of electromagnetic radiation

Shock-wave modulation and control of electromagnetic radiation

Shunt with enclosed pressure relief valve

Si/SiGe superlattice structures for use in thermoelectric devices

Side pumped optical amplifiers and lasers

Signal Processing Algorithm for Explosive Detection and Identification Using Electromagnetic Radiation

Signal processing by optically manipulating polaritons

Signal Transduction via CD28

Silencing the FAS Gene with siRNAs

Silicon based on-chip photonic band gap cladding waveguide

Silicon rich nitride CMOS-compatible light sources and Si-based laser structures

Silicon solar cell with germanium backside solar cell

Silicon-based photodiodes for enhanced infrared detection, quick response and low cost

Silicone resin based composites interleaved for improved toughness

Silk biomaterials and methods of use thereof

Silsesquioxane resin with high strength and fracture toughness and method for the preparation thereof

Simple Organic Molecules as Catalysts for Efficient Enantioselective Synthesis of Amines and Alcohols

Simple, cost-effective, and tunable density-based separation, purification, and analysis of biological samples

Simultaneous Acquisition of Spatial Harmonics (SMASH): Ultra-Fast Imaging with Radiofrequency Coil Arrays (BIDMC 354)

Simultaneous Reduction/Oxidation Process for Destroying an organic Solvent

Simultaneous study of multiple genetic interactions using multi-mutant yeast

Single chip adaptive filter utilizing updatable weighting techniques

Single metal gate material CMOS using strained si-silicon germanium heterojunction layered substrate

Single sideband optical transmitter

SIRT1-Deficiency Promotes Extended Replicative Lifespan

Site 1 sodium channel blocker as a prolonged duration local anesthetic

SKN-1 and Oxidative Stress Resistance


Slender omni-directional, broad-band, high efficiency, dual-polarized slot/dipole antenna element

Slitted and stubbed microstrips for high sensitivity, near-field electromagnetic detection of small samples and fields

Slowing down light for enhanced detection and measurement of biomolecules

Small molecule activators of HRI kinase: A new class of anti-cancer therapeutics and biomarker for cancer patient selection

Small molecule inhibition of Dengue Virus

Small Molecule Inhibitor for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infections

Small Molecule Inhibitor of Primordial Germ Cell (PGC) maintenance

Small molecule inhibitors of Ebola virus entry

Small molecule inhibitors of the Bcl-XL/Bak interaction activate the cell death pathway

Small molecule modulators of ER Stress: Targeting the eIF2a Ternary Complex

Small molecules that increase conversion of stem cells to inner ear cells

Small technetium-99m and rhenium labeled agents and methods for imaging tissues, organs and tumors

Small technetium-99m and rhenium labeled agents and methods for imaging tumors

Small, Low-Cost, Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platform for the Rapid Profiling of Individual Cells

Small-molecule macrocycles: Potent and selective Src kinase inhibitors

Small-molecule-triggered intein splicing as a universal switch for protein activation

Smaller and faster biocalorimeter for ultra-sensitive temperature sensing that helps reduce drug-development cost and risk

Smart Parking - An Optimal Parking Assignment, Guidance and Reservation System

Smart, Low Cost Probes For Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Smart-Phone Microfluidic ELISA for Biomarker Detection

SmartPad Patient Monitoring System

Socializing remote communication

Soft artifical skin with multi-modal sensing capabilities

Soft polylactides

Soft Robotics

Software for early detection and assessment of depression

Software service handoff mechanism with a performance reliability improvement mechanism (PRIM) for a collaborative client-server system

Software Tool to Manage Heart Failure Patients (BIDMC 1411)

Solid Phase, Paramagnetic HIV-1 gp160 Proteoliposomes (Immunogenic Lentiviral Proteoliposome)

Solid polymer electrolytes from ethylene oxide-containing, layer-by-layer assembled films

Solid state light-emitting device

Solid state sensing system and method for measuring the binding or hybridization of biomolecules

Solid-phase and solution-phase synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol glycans

Soluble CD163 as novel marker for monitoring HIV activity, and macrophage-mediated inflammatory diseases induced by HIV infection

Solution-based methods for RNA expression profiling

Solventless, resistless direct dielectric patterning

SonneWheel (TM) Pediatric BMI Assessment Tool

Sonophoresis method and apparatus

Source adaptive television system

Source adaptive television system

Source coding for interference reduction

Spatial light modulator

Spatial light modulator

Spatial light modulator

Spatial light modulator using charge coupled device with quantum wells

Spatial phase locking with shaped electron beam lithography

Spatial-phase locking of energy beams for determining two-dimensional location and beam shape

Specific and sensitive diagnostic markers of Kawasaki disease

Specification based detection and repair of errors in data structures

SPECT Diagnostic Agents for Parkinson’s Disease and ADHD

Speed-adaptive control scheme for legged running robots

SpeedGene -- a compression algorithm for the fast and efficient storage of next generation genetic sequence data in an existing hardware environment

Sperm Sorting Using Fertility Chip with Lensless Imaging System

Spirolactam and Related Targeting Compounds

Spore vaccine for rotavirus

Spot welding system and method for sensing welding conditions in real time

SQV nucleic acids and polypeptides

SR-BI and ApoE knockout animals and use thereof as models for atherosclerosis and heart attack

SR-BI and ApoE knockout animals and use thereof as models for atherosclerosis and heart attack

Stab-coupled optical waveguide laser and amplifier

Stabilization of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Trimers by Disulfide Bonds Introduced into the gp41 Glycoprotein Ectodomain

Stabilization of Soluble HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Trimers

Stabilized Primate Lentivirus Envelope Glycoproteins

Stable Core Bound Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Nano Micelles Containing Photocrosslinkable Groups. Control of the Critical Micelle Concentrations by Irradiation for the Release of Selected Materials

Stable Polyelectrolyte Coated Nanoparticles

Stable reporter system for promoter activity in Listeria monocytogenes

Stable Tat III Cell Lines, Tat III Gene Products, and Assay Methods

Staged air, recirculating flue gas low NO.sub.x burner

Standard fundus and flourescein angiography imaging adaptor for use with dSLR camera

Station based processing method for a wireless location system

Stem Cell Method for Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases

Stem Cell Portfolio for Cardiovascular Drug Discovery and Therapy

Stem Cell Portfolio for Cardiovascular Drug Discovery and Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for Basement Membrane Diseases (BIDMC 905)

Stent concept for minimization of deployment related wall shear and injury

Stent expansion and apposition sensing

Stent slip sensing system and method

Stereolithographic patterning by variable dose light delivery

Stereolithographic patterning with variable size exposure areas

Stereolithographic patterning with variable size exposure areas

Stereoscopic wide field of view imaging system

Stereoscopic wide field of view imaging system

Stereoscopic wide field of view imaging system

Stimulating Axon Regeneration by Blocking EGF Receptor Activity

Stimulation of hair cell differentiation

Stormal Derived Factor 1 to Treat Diabetes

Strained gettering layers for semiconductor processes

Strained silicon-on-silicon by wafer bonding and layer transfer

Strained tri-channel layer for semiconductor-based electronic devices

Stress erythropoiesis: HIF-1 alpha synergizes with glucocorticoids to induce BFU-E progenitor self-renewal

Stretchable Ionics: Layered Electrolytes and Dielectrics as High-speed, Transparent Artificial Muscles

Stretched-pulse fiber laser

Stretched-pulse fiber laser

Structurally chiral materials exhibiting magneto-gyrotropy

Structure and fabrication of electron-emitting devices utilizing electron-emissive particles which typically contain carbon

Structure for providing conductive paths

Structured baroplastic materials

Structures and Methods for Crystal Packaging

Sub-GHz Magnetoelectric NEMS Resonators For Ultra-Sensitive DC and RF Electromagnetic Field Detection

Substance: Invasin

Substituted adamantanes, and methods of making the same

Substrate for Detecting Myeloperoxidase Activity Using Magnetic Resonance Imagin

Substrate noise tool

Subthreshold design methodology for ultra-low power systems

Sugar production from photosynthetic bacteria

Super Gene Promoters

Superbright Fluorescent Probes

Superconducting 2-4-7 oxides

Superconducting joint with niobium-tin

Superhydrophilic coatings

Superhydrophobic coatings

Superhydrophobic fibers and methods of preparation and use thereof

Superlattice structures for use in thermoelectric devices

Superlattice structures having selected carrier pockets and related methods

Support for a tire tread

Suppressor tRNA system

Supramolecular Self-Assembling Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

Surface modified encapsulated inorganic resist

Surface plasmon coupled nonequilibrium thermoelectric devices

Surface plasmon enhanced illumination

Surface wave distributed actuator systems

Surface-bound double-stranded DNA protein arrays

Surface-confined catalytic compositions

Surface-emission cathodes

Surface-emission cathodes having cantilevered electrodes

Surface-Modified Circuits for Blood Modification

Surface-plasmon index guided (SPIG) waveguides and surface-plasmon effective index guided (SPEIG) waveguides

Surveillance system and method for aircraft approach and landing

Susceptibilities of Glioblastoma Stems Cells to Oncolytic HSV

Sustainable chemical processes

Sutureless Device for Rapid Vascular Anastomosis

Switchable Permanent Magnet and Related Methods

Switchable surfaces

Switchable surfaces

Synchronization of lasers and RF sources using timing information transfer in the optical domain

Synchronized Intraventricular Balloon Assistance Device without External Power Source

Synthesis and application of vapor grafted porous materials

Synthesis and Identification of Novel Prodrugs of the Cardiotonic NA/K-ATPASE Inhibitors for the Treatement of Heart Disease, Cancer and Viral Infection

Synthesis of compounds with peptide characteristics

Synthesis of molybdenum and tungsten complexes

Synthesis of nanometer-sized particles by reverse micelle mediated techniques

Synthesis of nanometer-sized particles by reverse micelle mediated techniques

Synthesis of nanometer-sized particles by reverse micelle mediated techniques